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Earlier this year, Bgirls Candy, Sinergy, and Reakt of Floor Angelz Crew (Florida), began building on a vision to create an urban arts program that specifically caters to children, with a goal to promote a postive perspective of Hip Hop culture by providing art, dance, music classes to children ages 2-18. Within months of the ideas conception the Child Of This Culture Foundation was born, and they have since been able to offer numerous FREE workshops to children in Orlando, Miami, Washington DC, and North Carolina.

We believe children are the most creative people on earth. When properly nurtured, their intuitive creativity becomes a marketable skill they will use as future scholars, artists and innovative leaders who manifest unimagines change in the world. We also believe that Hip Hop has more to offer to our children than what mainstream media represents. The Child of this Culture Foundation, Inc. a nonprofit organization was created as a vehicle to spread a positive perspective of hip hop culture. Our goal is to provide a full urban arts program that includes all the elements of hip hop i.e. graff, emcee, DJ and breaking in various venues across the nation. -Child Of This Culture

To help fund this project, the Floor Angelz Crew recently set up a fundraiser on Indiegogo, from which every $1 donated goes directly back into the community and programming. They created this fundraiser on a mission to reach aleast 10 cities annually and provide over 200 children with a FREE introduction to all elements of hip hop culture. The mission itself is something we definitely support, and if you’d like to contribute to this cause you can do so by visiting the official fundraiser page here. The Child Of This Culture Foundation fundraiser page will be on Indiegogo until September 8th.

For more information on the Child Of This Culture Foundation and to stay updated on where they’ll be offering workshops next, be sure to check out their official website at

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