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One of the greatest things we can say about our community is how it inspires and motivates people to give back to it. Many of us may not have had a lot of opportunities growing up and the Hiphop and breaking community may have given us the opportunities of a lifetime. Located in South East Houston is the Break Free Community Center (BFCC), a safe haven for young children and adults to grow and be mentored into a successful and positive lifestyle. BFCC started in August 2011 and has since gained worldwide acknowledgement for its major involvement in the community and through the Moy Rivas’s (Founder & Executive Director) travels where he shares his testimony and skills at workshops across the globe. We had the opportunity to speak with Moy more about BFCC and his experiences since he embarked on his journey, check it out!

bboy-moyMex One: Yo what’s up everyone I’m here with the one and only Bboy Moy representing HaviKORO Texas finest and Break Free Community Center. I’m not going to ask Moy to introduce himself because truthfully that would be insulting after all he has done after nearly 20 years in our community. Moy, tell us whats good in Texas with yourself, HaviKORO and Break Free Community Center.

Moy: What up! Well first off, everything is good! We at Break Free are coming to an end of our 2nd year as a community center and are super proud of everything we have done in such little time. Our vision is growing and our mission is impacting. As far as HAVIKORO, we are all still training and building with one another. Our next big show as a crew will be at this year’s BC One USA Finals – We got invited to perform a 15 minute piece. We are truly honored and thankful for the opportunity to get down as a unit, in our own hometown and on a big stage.

Mex One: Lets focus more on Break Free Community Center, It started out as a competition 1st correct? Later on it became the name of the actual center?

Moy: I initially started promoting “Break Free” in 2007 as a mentality for personal reasons – meaning to simply “Create Your Escape” and find a place within your art/craft when you can be you and bug out. In 2008, I did a very small event with BOY from HAVIKORO at a local church, and called it “BREAK FREE.” It wasn’t until 2009, when I partnered up with my boy, Adrian to put on a larger event that aims towards uniting cultures from across the globe.

Break Free Community Center was founded in August of 2011, but had been a vision of mine to do something like this as a kid.


Mex One: What kind of activities are provided for the bboys/bgirls and local youth in Houston?

Moy: With BFCC, we are able to provide a positive platform for local youth, including Bboys & Bgirls, to come express themselves freely in a safe, structured, inspiring environment. The center is open Monday – Friday and is not only a practice/hang out spot, but we also offer classes that educate on Positive Hip Hop Culture. Our main and largest class has been our BREAKIN’ SCHOOL program.

Mex One: Tell us a bit more about the recent kick starter campaign for the center and why its important for our community to show its support.

Moy: Our kick starter campaign is focused on building intimate classroom settings for our students. Currently, we work with an open layout floor plan, in which we have to run multiple classes simultaneously at times, which leads to collisions and distractions. This really has become a problem since our classes have grown so much in the past year. It is very important for us to make sure that all of our students are receiving the right teaching without these distractions. The significant messages/teachings we share are very valuable and we at BFCC, need everyone’s support to aid these issues. Creating these learning environments are essential towards reaching our local youth. Hip Hop is our tool and if we can share it to inspire our community, we will do everything in our power to make it happen!

Mex One: For anyone out there that wants to open up their own Hiphop Community Center, what would you suggest?

Moy: The best advice I can give, is to simply LOVE and CARE for your community. Keep the traditions intact and share your story with the youth to hopefully inspire them on a creative and professional level. Operating a community center isn’t easy – we have struggled through our 2 years but the struggle is worth the fight when you are willing to change and impact the lives of youth around you. Don’t jump into something because it seems right. It is a love thing, but it also has to make sense on a business/financial perspective. The finances are what keep the doors open, plain and simple. The community needs to understand this, so that your mission can go forth.

Mex One: Break Free 5 year Anniversary is coming up October 18th in Houston, what to say a few words about the event?

Moy: Break Free 2013 is going to be one of the best yet! We have an amazing line up of judges and are currently working towards building our 7 to Smoke Competitors. The event will be held October 18th-20th, and have so much planned out for the event. All I can say is…MAKE SURE YOU ARE THERE! Last year, we had a legendary moment on our final day with a cypher battle that went over 30 mins with some of the culture’s greatest. These type of things happen at official jams – BREAK FREE 2013 will be another official jam!

Mex One: Last but not least, any shout outs or last minute words?

Moy: I just want to thank GOD for the longevity in my dance and to still remain a top competitor but an honest student. Thanks to my wife Roxanne, for being very supportive throughout my career even with 2 little ones at home. It’s not easy to travel all over the world and to have a significant other to be fully supportive of that. Last but not least – Huge THANKS to my parents, family, HAVIKORO and everyone that commits their time and efforts towards Break Free Community Center. They know who they are – thanks guys!

Much love to everyone supporting their communities and impacting daily! God Bless!

Mex One: There you have it. Major respect to Moy, HaviKORO and EVERYONE at BREAK FREE COMMUNITY CENTER! Lets make sure to show our support and donate, anything help and theres many of us out there that can do something. Opening centers for our youth is truly a great way for our dance and culture to grow.


24/7 Cypher for 2,016 Scholarships

Break Free Community Center is in the middle of their biggest project to date.
Dancing for Education: A 24 7 dance-a-thon that wont stop until the staff at Break Free raises the funds needed for 2,016 scholarships! To find out more, please visit the link HERE

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