Cypher Adikts recently celebrated their 5 year anniversary in Los Angeles Ca. For the 5 year Ann. Jeskilz, founder of Cypher Adikt, decided to switch things up a bit and created what is now known as “Leaders of the Ground”. Leaders of the Ground was a concept created by Skilz to provide top bgirls with more opportunities in the breaking community. For the 1st Leader of the Ground she decided to have bgirls Macca, A.T and Ayumi select bboys for them to battle in an expo. Before we continue with Leaders of the ground, lets check out
the great Cypher Adikts recap done by Bboy Network.

Cypher Adikts 5 Year Ann Highlight Clip.

…Back to Leaders of the Ground.
As we wrote, bgirls Macca, A.T and Ayumi got to select bboys they would like to battle in an expo style battle. The bgirls didn’t hold back. Macca selected Kid David. A.T selected Victor and Ayumi selected Keebz. 3 world class bboys that have done it all in the breaking scene. A MASSIVE shout out to David, Victor and Keebz for agreeing to battle them! The Squadron was in full effect. Once again, shout outs to Bboy Network for interviewing the bgirls/bboys + showing us the battles.

Leaders of the Ground battles:

Major respects to our great friends Jeskilz and Ervin for holding down Cypher Adikts.

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