Cypher Adikts LA Highlight Clip

A few weeks ago I wrote a review of what went down at Cypher Adikts LA. I included a few pictures and broke down the vibe and atmosphere, but what better thing to do than see it for your self.

Jeskilz, founder of Cypher Adikts released a clip of the jam, you can’t capture everything on camera but what was captured was pretty damn fresh! Shout outs to Strife TV for providing the footage, and to everyone that made the clip!

If you didn’t read the review, check it out here: Cypher Adikts Los Angeles: Lord Of The Underground
If you want to learn more about Cypher Adikts, check out their website, as well as the interview I did with Jeskilz here.

This weekend in Houston TX, the Cypher Adikts team is linking up with Break Free Community Center to bring you the first ever, CYPHER ADIKTS HOUSTON edition to kick off BREAK FREE 2012 weekend. Shout out to Moy and the entire Break Free Community Center team, looking forward to being out there this weekend. See you all there!!

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