Over the last few months I’ve been working very closely with Jeskilz and Ervin of Cypher Adikts, and have  developed a very dope friendship with the two of them. Part of the reason being is because we share the same views and ideas on what our community is about and the direction it should go. I often say that while we support events like BC One and other major scale competitions, we truly represent and support  the UNDERGROUND above all.

We teamed up a few months back to bring Cypher Adikts to Florida and I was lucky enough to attend Cypher Adikts Chicago in July, but I KNEW to truly capture what Cypher Adikts is about I had to one day attend Cypher Adikts in its home–The Basement in Los Angeles California. Lucky for me, Freestyle Session and Cypher Adikts took place on the same weekend so I got the 2 for 1 weekend special….

Having attended two previous Cypher Adikts I knew the story line, the younger kids come first and get their cyphers on before the older and experienced bboys come out. (Note to young bboys: DO NOT STRETCH AT BBOY JAMS, ESPECIALLY NOT CYPHER JAMS! If you truly have to, do what I do, HIDE WHERE NO ONE CAN SEE YOU…haha) The venue started to get packed and things started to get serious, bboys and bgirls from all over the world came out to show their support. I recognized many from Slovakia, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, France, Finland (Shout outs to FloMO), Japan, Canada, Mexico, and all across the USA.

The cyphers quickly got heated with Ervin killing it on the 1 and 2’s! As the venue started getting more packed, room #2 was opened up to provide more space for everyone to get down. Guest DJ, Element, took over and continued to carry the vibe all throughout his set. (Major props to Element for always dropping them FUSIK joints!) The night kept going and honestly, it started getting hot in every sense of the word! Yet while some complained, others adapted and made it work. A battle broke out between Ynot – Rock Steady and Easy Roc. They went at it more than a few rounds– you could tell there was some beef involved, and those are always the best battles.

ALL in all, Cypher Adikts was as underground as it gets. Simple, straight, to the point, RAW.

The Bboy Spot will always be a major supporter of the Cypher Adikts event and its philosophy.

Shout outs to Jeskilz for creating a jam that should have always been in our community, and of course Ervin and Element for killing it on the wheels of steel.  SPECIAL SHOUT OUT to all the young up and coming bboys that came out, much respect for having the MENTALITY and UNDERSTANDING to be there. You are the future of the culture.

To find out more about the Cypher Adikts mission, check out our interview with Jeskilz and make sure to visit



Unique Styles Crew


All photos by: Vincio Estrada Photography



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4 Responses

  1. laylowpose says:

    the event itself was doooope…the vibe was great, despite the SUPER FRICTIONLESS FLOOR. Had a lot of fun & even though i went by myself, i got to see a few homies from different parts of so cal. I just wish the venue was bigger, kinda hard to get down being 6’4” in those cyphers..

  2. A-DOG says:

    How can i get connected with this cypher??
    I’m tryna attend the next 1 coming up!

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