DunkXchange Orlando Recap


This past Sunday, DunkXchange Orlando took place here at The Bboy Spot for the second time. It was another really dope experience that was definitely fun to be a part of. Over 20 vendors were set up with booths that consisted of everything from sneaker collections, streetwear brands, and even a jewelry line [Rastaclat] made from shoe laces. Doors opened at 1PM, and just like the last DXE Orlando, within an hour the venue was shoulder to shoulder PACKED! Orlando definitely came out to support, showing once again that despite oversaturation in recent years, the sneaker scene is still alive and well here.

Among the highlights this time around was a vendor who created a mobile booth out of a push cart and a few shelves…fresh! Mad innovative presentation in comparison to most collectors who just pile their kicks on the floor, which is cool, but we definitely appreciate the thought that was put into this one. Not only could potential customers/traders approach him, but he was able to make his rounds to check out the other vendors too. Very dope.

We also caught up with the homies from Bofresco Clothing, who have vended at the last three DunkXchange events here in Florida. They filled us in on their upcoming event, Rocking Heat, which is a growing Florida-born event of similar concept. Definitely looking forward to checking that out in August as well.

If you are into kicks and have the opportunity to check out a DunkXchange event in your area, we definitely suggest you do! You can find a full listing of upcoming events on their website, at www.DunkXchange.com.


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