So last night I decided that we needed an interactive and insightful blog. We all have tons of questions of the art-form of Breakin and Hiphop Culture. We tend to ask our friends but, many times most don’t have an answer.

Example, why is a 1990 called a 1990?? Seriously, why?! I (Mex) was told the reason why is because it was a futuristic move ahead of its time. I will do my research and confirm. Who created the modern air flare? How did a small country like South Korea generate so many dope bboys?

These 3 questions are perfect examples of the kind of questions you (the reader) can ask and we will use our connects and resources to get you the answers! There is no such thing as a dumb questions so pleas…ASK AWAY! Hope to get plenty of great questions.

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  1. Hime says:

    Hi, I was asking what were the first crews in Japan and when the hip-hop culture started to get more and more influence there ?

  2. Now says:

    What’s the origin of the baby freeze?

    • Drypht2 says:

      My understanding of it is that Li’l Boy Keith from the Zulu Kings (not the current MZK) created the move after Rob Zulu had created the Chair Freeze. Keith used to do the original with both legs stacked upon each other with the knees bent. Then, he would flutter both legs to resemble a baby having a tantrum.
      I got this information from an interview I saw in 2009 from the Welsch bboy championship. The interviewer is Slammo, and he’s interviewing either Alien Ness or Poe One. One of them gives the info.

    • Mex says:

      Working on the info!!

  3. Drypht2 says:

    What is the fundamental idea behind Maurizio’s (Dope King Next One) ‘Space Flow’?

  4. Drypht2 says:

    What are Kamel’s origins before he met up with and joined the Boogie Brats? Where did he learn to break, and from whom? He mentioned in an interview (back on the ‘Breakvision’ DVD) that he started out as a popper. Who did he learn from and who was he popping with?
    His style shows very strong influences from the Street Hitting style – did he have direct contact with crews like this (i.e., Breeze Team, Float Committee, Full Circle)?
    How did he find his way to Toronto, and who from Boogie Brats put him down? Benzo from Bag of Trix told me a very short version of what happened, but it was just the tip of the iceberg; we want the full story!

  5. BoneSBK says:

    One of the things I always wondered is how did Floor Gangz come about and what were the origins of their creation?

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