Eye in the Sky: Outbreak Hiphop Festival Highlight clip.

Bboy Flashback contacted me a few days before Outbreak asking me if there were still media passes for Outbreak available. Flash said he had something very special but I didn’t understand what he meant so I declined. He decided to show up to the jam and show me what he meant and once I saw it……… Media pass it was!!! (haha)

To capture the last Outbreak in the way that he did was just about magical. Never in our community have I seen such camera work. With the event taking place indoors and out, it was really special to capture the outside vibe of Outbreak from a sky cam. The footage will for ever be special to those who attended the event. For those that didn’t, you missed out on an amazing experiance.

Shout outs to Flashback for the highlight clip. Enjoy.

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2 Responses

  1. Wiz says:

    That’s Dope!
    Outbreak jam looks Official!!

  2. Giovanni Arquileta says:

    outbreak i got to say was one inspirational trip for me. my first time flying on a plane which i got to say was scary and my first time even out of state in Washington was fun and scary same time. i learned so much about myself on this journey got to me some of my inspiration like flexum , focus, roxrite, ailenness etc . those people that i watch on youtube that inspired me to dance was a unforgettable moments that i will carry with me always , and even made some new friends. the atmosphere of the cyphers in and out of the jam were so different compared to the ones in seattle it was different , it challenged myself and other people and was alot of fun. next thing i knew i was cyphering for hours and the jammed ended i almost didnt want to go home haha. this jam reinspired me to push myself even more to become a better person and a bboy. Outbreak 10 an eventful event that i will remember forever . Thank you for hosting such event and let there be many more.

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