Favorite commercials featuring bboys from our community

A few months back GAP featured Victor in what we call: “The best ever mainstream commercial featuring a bboy “. The commercial was the 1st of its kind because it was the 1st to give a bboy a voice. It centers around the words Victor uses to describe his movement and style. General public viewers got to listen to one of our own speak. This kind of advertisement is what you call “revolutionary”. Check out how incredible the commercial was:

Gap commercial featuring Victor – MFKids – The Squadron.

Before Victors commercial, our favorite commercial featuring bboys was a remix from one of the most iconic dance scenes ever captured by Hollywood. Volkswagen remixed the famous Gene Kelly singing in the rain scene from the 1952 movie, “Singing in the Rain”.

If you haven’t seen the commercial, you’re in for a treat.
Volkswagen 2005 Singing in the Rain Remix- Featuring Elsewhere and Crumbs.

For those not familiar with Elsewere, check him out here:

Almost making the cut was this Pepsi commercial from 2006. Our crew member Spee-d is featured rocking the air flares.

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