Favorite Outbreak Moment: Rox Rite vs Focus

Now that Outbreak Hiphop Festival is officially gone, everywhere I go I get asked two questions:

#1. Is Outbreak really over?
#2. What’s your favorite Outbreak moment?

My answers are always the same: YES, NO MORE OUTBREAK.
#2 My favorite Outbreak moment is Outbreak 1 Hiphop Jam because it was the first one but my second favorite moment was Outbreak 5’s Rox Rite vs Focus battle.

Rox Rite vs Focus

Outbreak 5 Hiphop Festival was my first Outbreak after I left my old company Bboyworld. It was very important for me to show the world my mentality and how I went about in organizing jams. Outbreak 5 Hiphop Festival did not disappoint and the highlight was a battle that among “fanboys” didn’t carry much buzz but the real bboys and bgirls knew what was to come.

Both Rox and Focus delivered. The 12 round battle (first of its kind) did more than live up to expectations becoming one of the greatest expo battles of all time.

I am sure you’ve seen the battle now see it again.

Check out what some bboys had to say before the battle took place:

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