Freestyle Session 8 2004, Queen Mary, LA.

Our first battle in the United States. Freestyle Session 8 was the place to be, 80 big crews from all over the world. After seeing all the VHS tapes we just simply had to make it there, work hard and save the money and we did it. A dream come true to battle the people we grew up looking up to. The elimination round was against Rock Steady and they came with their hardest line up and a lot of fire. Crazy Legs, Easy Roc, all the Florida heads. We’ll never forget this battle. Second day we battled Ichigeki, got through and ended up against Renegades and Head Hunters in the top 8.

Circle Kingz 2005, Switzerland: Flow Mo against Rock Steady

This battle was very significant. Right in the heart of the Pokemon era and Junior etc in Europe, something like this suddenly happened in Switzerland. Circle Kingz was born to bring it back to the roots, to bring some style back to the scene. This battle influence a lot of people around the world and I’m happy I was part of it.

R-16 Korea 2006, Flow Mo vs Rivers Crew

The first R-16 went down in Korea in 2006. For us the highlight was battling Rivers hard, not on the stage but the day before outside on concrete. I called out Born first, we went at it for a few rounds and after this our crews joined the battle. The battle went on for a while and Rivers left. We followed and continues the battle cause we weren’t done yet. The day after we met again in the final on the big stage. Rivers took the tittle that time but we already payed our dues in the circles the day before so we were all fine with it.

Coosh Crash Test, Flow Mo vs Boogie Brats

The top four in the Seattle’s Coosh Crash Test. A jam that took place only once and had the illest line up. Massive Monkees found a good sponsor for their event so everybody was there, Boogie Brats, Skill Methodz, Rivers, Hustle Kidz… We flew in through Germany with crazy connections for 24 hours. Straight to the warm up jam from the plane where Hatsolo won the cypher king tittle. A little sleep and on to the main day. We battled young Thesis and Flexum and some others got to the top 4. K-Mel and Casper were out for the prize money, 10 000 USD, and brought fire. I can honestly say they deserved it for rocking it right that night.

Over the Top, Poland. Flea Rock vs Focus exhibition battle

I was already preparing for the battle against Roxrite when Cetowy called me for another exhibition against Flea. Why not I thought. We had a little rivalry thing going on with Skill Methodz that time after meeting a few times in battles. We had a lot of respect for each other but of course either one didn’t want to lose. Over the Top has no round limits for their exhibition battles. They go on as long as it takes. I think Flea could take me out when it comes to straight raw flava (which he’s been blessed with loads of). I knew my strength was stamina and variety of styles. Hatsolo told me to start the battle so I did. That gave me the control of the battle and it would go on as long as I wanted to. I kept my rounds short and effective which made Flea’s resting time minimum. Eventually I ended up doing more rounds than him.

Outbreak 5, Roxrite vs Focus exhibition battle

Six months of preparation. The perfect set up. The hardest battle of my life with 12 hard rounds. Rox was ready. My strategy was different than his. Because of so many rounds he went for variations not to repeat. I wanted to go the hard way, do all 12 rounds with 12 completely different styles. The battle went down in Florida where Rox has a huge fan base. Since everybody took his side, AT and Alien Ness took mine. “You’re top rocking too much!!” I heard Ness yell behind me, coaching me to make it through all twelve. We both gave it all we had. Many people all over have told me this was one of the best battles of all time.

Circle Kingz 2011, Switzerland. Flow Mo vs Ruffneck Attack

Every edition of the Circle Kingz was incredible. But of course the first and the last are always special. This was my first big battle coming back from a disc injury. It meant a lot to me to be able to rock against some of the best crews again. Ruffneck Attack brought the fire for the whole weekend and this was a perfect end for the time of the Circle Kingz. And because of the fact that almost the whole crew was there for both crews (not just the two for the 2 on 2) Amjad made the final with crew again crew. As a tribute to old European crew South Side Rockers we wore all camo to get on the war state of mind. For such a dope final and representing hard the whole weekend, out of respect Amjad gave the crowns to both crew. No tie breaker needed.

World Dance Colosseum 2014, Japan. Flow Mo vs Super Crew

One of our crew members, Antopio, was half Japanese. So he would always keep telling stories of Japan. I dreamed to see Tokyo one day and 2014 I got my first chance. I was invited to battle with b-girl AT. Before the battle everybody kept telling us that we’re probably going to win the whole thing. With 200 something crews we didn’t think it was possible. But on the battle day we were on fire. Battle after battle we moved on and eventually we had Super Crew in the final against us. Do Knock got hurt before the final so the previous battles were actually harder. But overall the whole experience made it such a memorable trip.

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