Freestyle Session Florida 2017

July 1st weekend, the PBT made its 22nd official stop of the year. This time the tour went down south to Orlando Florida for Freestyle Session Southeast Qualifier. With FSS switching back to the crew vs crew format, it was an event very much anticipated by crews all around the southeast USA. Crews from Texas, Georgia, DMV, the Carolina’s as well as bboys from N.Y
came out to battle it out for a top 32 guaranteed spot at this years Freestyle Session World Finals in Los Angeles California.

FSS was held at the D.G.B.E.K dance studio but when you got there, you could easily feel like the event was taking place at a club. The Shaolin Production team did an amazing job with the venue set up. Lighting, music and vibe was 100% on point. Everything was set for a memorable event and it was.

As mentioned before, the crews were competing for a guaranteed spot at this years Freestyle Session World Finals in Los Angeles. In addition, 1st place received the 5 plane tickets to L.A, $800.00, and 5 passes to the event. DJ Felix(USC/Fusik) represented on the wheels of steel while the judges for the event: Abstract(SKMZ) Insight(M180) and myself(Mex-USC) held it down on the panel.


In total, 18 crews came out to represent. From there, the event went straight into the TOP 8 and thats where we start:

Top 8 Battles
Hazard Beings defeat Scribes of Warfare
The Elusives move on over E.T State of Mind
Florida Triangle takes out Outlawed Soldiers
Backyard Funk advances over Mask Off

Top 4 Battles
For these battles, Lets go directly to the footage:
Hazardous Beings vs The Elusives:

Florida Triangle vs Backyard Funk


Hazardous Beings vs Florida Triangle

One time to Hazardous Beings for taking the W!

With “The battles” out of the way, lets talk about what “everyone” is talking about…THE CALLOUT.

TX’s bboys Culturas Unidas were very unhappy to not have made the TOP 8 battles. What did they do? They called out the judges…. It got heated and with only Abstrak and myself (Mex) able to get down, it became more of a TX vs SKMZ battle when Flipz and Incredible Josh decided to jump into the battle. In the end, it was all respect and love.

Check out the battle below:

Shout outs to Shaolin Productions for an incredible event! It really lived up to the hype of what a Freestyle Session event should be.

Next up on the Pro Breaking Tour: Style Elements 23 Year Anniversary

Follow the complete Pro Breaking Tour schedule at:

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