Help For Our Homie Cetowy

On February 9, our friend Cetowy, representing Polskee Flavour and Catch the Flava, had a terrible accident in his hometown Gdansk, Poland. Ever since, he has been in coma fighting for his life. Known as a bboy, promoter and Hip Hop activist not only in Poland, but worldwide, the message about the accident shocked the entire world.

Personally, I got to meet Cetowy for the first time at the Hip Opsession jam in France early 2010.

I heard a lot about this guy, but until I finally got to meet him in person, I would see what a great person Cetowy has really been.  Right from the beginning we clicked, shared the experiences, finding in this guy a lot of inspiration.

All the hard work done for the Polish community and representing it outside the Poland, Cetowy was the great leader.

Poland is lucky to have this guy, taking the scene to the next level, bringing people like Alien Ness and Focus for the first time into the country, setting an example for other people around the world to take the initiative and help the Hip Hop scene grow.

We have cooperated in a number of projects together, including the upcoming Catch the Flava 2014 that will take place in Slovakia this summer.

Cetowy and his crew Polskee Flavour became our very good friends, easily said our family. That is why the news about his accident took me really hard.

I realized that the only thing we can do is to think positively, and help his family and crew to get over this tough times.

We organized a donation at the recent Rockin Champ in Prague and donated   one day of profits from both The Bboy Spot USA and EUROPE towards his recovery. We are still on the look out to find the help everywhere we can.

We need to support each other as one family. Seeing the support from all around the world, people organizing jams where all proceedings go to his recovery is the proof of how strong our community is.

Some of you may have gotten the chance to meet Cetowy, some don’t, but all of us can help the good cause and either donate, pray, or even just think about our homie, sending some positive energy for his recovery. Cetowy’s family needs to collect 20,000 euros to keep him alive for the year, hoping he will wake up from coma as soon as possible.

Here is the link, where you can send the donations

Thanks to everyone for the support!

Cetowy, brotha, time to wake up and come back to your family, crew, friends, and Hip Hop community worldwide!

One love!


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