History of the word “Breakdancing” by Crazy Legs

About a week ago, In a phone call with Legs he started telling me the history of the word “Breakdancing” a history I knew about because of a conversation we had about 2 years ago when we decided to release this graphic on @TheBboySpot Instagram page:


This is what Legs had to say:

In all respect to the history of our dance and culture, we bboys/bgirl should NEVER EVER label ourselves “breakdancers” or our dance “breakdance”. It was not created by us and its not for us.

The media has destroyed our history, lets not collaborate by tarnishing it from the inside out.

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5 Responses

  1. Edgardo A. Soto Rodriguez says:

    I am also a original old school B.Boy and at the age 43 still get my heart beat pumped up ready to battle when I hear any old school beat, like breaker revenge by Arthur Baker, Beat Street Movie. Long live Hip-Hop.

    • Pluto Seven Tbb says:

      I mean this in no disrespect, but how do you see your self as a original bboy, breakers revenge wouldn’t even be mentioned to a true school bboy.

      • Edgardo A. Soto Rodriguez says:

        Why it wouldn’t be mentioned.. I just use that because is the one that came to my mind when I see this post and Crazy legs photos. Growing up as a Boricua back and forth from New York in the late 70’s early 80s. With a linoleum and a boom box I had many awesome times that no one can take away from me. Boricua Break boy. Fresh..!! EGGIE-E is in that House.

        • Pluto Seven Tbb says:

          I am a year younger than you and I have been doing extension research on 70s bboy History and I have never heard of you (no disrespect intended) not to mention I have been fortunate to be in the company of the original bboy’s dating back to 72 up to 79 and there we’ll documented bboys from 77 to 81 who don’t regard themselves as Original Bboys, and seeing your age and doin the math of the history and from what I been told from pioneer’s it doesn’t add up, again I’m not attacking you or coming at you with disrespectful intent I’m just curious to way you would label yourself a Original Bboy, and if you have a history that lines up with the late 70s era I would be more than happy to pick your brain if that all is possible, but get to what you mentioned as songs I never heard Original Bboys mention those songs to dance to when there were wayyyyyyyyyy better songs to rock to. …..Respectfully Pluto Seven Tbb, Peace,Blessings and Light!!!

          • Breakboy Nrg says:

            No disrespect whatsoever Pluto Seven Tbb but at 42 and 43 years old, You guys would have been still very young in the scene when Wild Style, Flashdance and Beat street came out…and if U were in the scene, then you would understand that there were hundreds of BBOys in NY alone at the time..not to mention the thousands worldwide…Many BBoys had amazing skill and some would be considered technically ‘better” than members of RSC, NYCB, Mag force or Dynamic…but just had no media spotlight on them…back then we just rocked parties and battled people in our neighborhoods…many of us didn’t even have money to travel too far…we practiced and battled and for a lot of us it was over in 2 or 3 years. A lot of so called pioneers today try to rewrite history, because of the lack of hundreds/thousands of voices who cant share their experiences, because they had to get jobs or go to college or they passed away . Whether you liked Beat street breakdown or “Bad girls”, if U practiced to develop your skills and stood up for your rep back then by battling..U were a BBOY or “break dancer” not everyone was from the BX some people were from Rego Park or Hartford or Jersey…all of a sudden all of these people dont matter because they dont fit the criteria of so called pioneers by being ‘famous”…please man…a little understanding…

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