Hit the Breaks at Tuner Evolution

For the 2nd consecutive year, Hit the Breaks at Tuner Evolution became an official stop in the Pro Breaking Tour(15th stop of the year). After last years success, it was a must. As we wrote last year:

“Tuner Evolution took us back to the days of Hot Import Nights. The days of breaking battles, hot girls and hooked up cars. Why do we say that? Because the event took place inside an import car show. I must say, those events always created such a great vibe. Shout outs to Mantiis for making it happen.”

The unique vibe really is unlike any other. Hit the Breaks featured a 3 vs 3 breaking battle for $1,500 1st place, $750.00 2nd place and $450.00each 3rd and 4th place. The host with the most was none other than NYC’s Supreme Being Jr. Jiggz who along with Dynamic Rockers own DJ X kept the vibe going in the HTB stage. Judges for the night were: Rukkuz, Nemesis and Napalm.

With 30+ crews showing up for the prelims, you may expect for TOP 16 battles but this year Hit the Breaks went directly to the main course. THE TOP 8.


All In One Vs UBL = UBL wins
Wolfgang Vs Titan Fenz = Titan Fenz wins

Outkast Brothers Vs T.A.C. = Outkast Brothers win
Wild Bunch Vs Life Whakz – Life Whakz win

UBL Vs Titan Fenz = UBL wins
Outkast Brothers Vs Life Whakz = Life Whakz win

UBL Vs Life Whakz: For this one, lets go directly to the footage:

Note: Thanks to Bboy Network, ALL BATTLES are available on YouTube HERE

Congrats to Life Whakz on a great win!
pic 7 (1)
Congrats to Mantis and his staff for bringing the PBT another memorable event!

Next up on the PBT schedule: FREESTYLE SESSION FLORIDA!! FB event page HERE

Follow the PRO BREAKING TOUR at: www.udeftour.org/full-schedule

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