Hollywood… For real? For Real Real??!!?

Ok so I ran into this video and honestly, I couldn’t ignore it. Now I see that Haagen-Dazs is trying to do something great in helping the Honey Bees but shouldn’t they do that by actually putting out something more effective? I wonder who the creatives were behind such a horrible commercial. Who in the world actually ran the idea by everyone and got, “Yea, that’s a great idea!”? And the worst part is why would they think that’s HIPHOP? Hiphop honey bees? (…SMH)

We know dancers have to pay bills but I wonder how many of them would be living in the streets if they didn’t shoot the commercial. How many of them would be selling drugs if not for dressing like a bee? The breakdancer? HORRIBLE. Why not hire a real bboy? Anyone notice the Rockadile/Battle Monkees BITE?

The sad part is that if dancers stood up this would not happen. Hollywood wants to make money and they don’t care how it looks as long as it brings money. Dancers need to be in control—from the creative direction to the audition process, all the way down to the choreography. We need to be in a higher position of respect that will allow us to make a better living and enjoy a life doing what we love.

To not be so negative, I decided to find a commercial that better represents how things should be. All i had to do was type BBOY COMMERCIAL and bang—Ronnie’s 1st Red Bull BC One commercial. Simple and to the point.

Let’s do the right things fellas. It will make everything better for ALL of us.

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    the worst part- the lead honey bee is dating Jlo! 0_0

    • spaces

      I dont wanna live anymore. haha

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