Blogs on the internet are an amazing thing. It doesn’t matter what you’re into, if it exists, there is a blog for it on the internet. Such is the case with the new HOT PEAS & BUTTA website, BUT it didn’t start that way…and that’s why it’s even better.

Hot Peas & Butta is descibed on their website as what was originally a party where DJ’s Skeme Richards and Cash Money played nothing but gems on 45’s…45’s people…can you imagine? Then as time went on the party traveled to different cities and grew to become more than just a party. It became a full fledge brand consisting of art, comics, animation and…well, the party. All this wrapped up in 70’s afrocentric era visuals and style that’ll make you come back for more. It’s one of those blog sites that I didn’t even know I needed, until now.

Make sure check em out:

Big shout to the homies Dj Skeme Richards and Elroy Jenkins!

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