This past Saturday Nov. 5th, the Pro Breaking Tour made its 1st of 2 back to back weekends stops in Los Angeles CA for “I Must Break You” . The 29th stop of the PBT truly set the tone for this weekends Freestyle Session World Finals event. With Bboys and Bgirls from all over the world in town, incredible venue, promotion, and production, I Must Break You was set to become on of the top tour stops of the year. Michael Silva aka Mike The Cure along with his crew Knuckleheads Cali really put together an incredible event. The vibe, the talent, the music, the support. Everything was on point. Its rare for an event to get an A+ grade but I Must Break You might be deserving of such “grade”.

I Must Break You took place in the beautiful Yost Theater. The venue’s set up, flooring, sound and scenery looked amazing. The outside vendors area came equipped with a few graft walls and a low riders car show…. You know you’re out in L.A if your event has a low rider car show…Thats next level right there! DJ’s Millhouse, Bles and Tasko all killed it on the wheels of steel. The cyphers were flowing all night long with a few heated battles breaking out. And the talent? pffff…. Lets mention some of the crews representing: Monster Bboys(Moy and Gravity) Body Carnival, Knucklehead Zoo, Furious Styles, Phaze II, and a surprise team in Victor and Pocket.


30+ crews signed up in hopes of making it to the TOP 16. Crews from across the USA, Japan, Korea, and even Jordan(middle east) came out to represent. The judges assigned for the event were:

Inferno – Soul Control, Jayrawk – Style Elements, Reveal – Killafornia, Seth – Circle of Fire and Rawbzilla – Originality Stands Alone.

With the support of the Pro Breaking Tour, I Must Break You gave out a total of $8,100.00 + trophies and gear from the vendors. The money breakdown went like this:

2 vs 2 BBOY/BGIRL Open Battles
• 1st Place – $3,500 + KWOC Gear, ‘Rocky’ Necklaces, ‘Rocky’ Gear, Custom Art Canvas Pieces, & Trophies
• 2nd Place – $1,500 + Custom Art Canvas!
• 3rd Place – $750
• 4th Place – $750
• 5th thru 8th Place – $400


Middle Beast Crew vs Pocket & Victor: Could anyone upset that super squad in the 1st battle? We think not. Pocket and Victor advance. Body Carnival vs Mod Squad: 2 bgirls no one wants to face.. specially in the 1st rounds. Body Carnival advances. Knucklehead Zoo vs RuggedForce: One of the best battles of the Top 16. KHZ takes the W. Fusion Rockers vs No Roots: Fusion Rockers came with it and advances in this one. Monster Bboys vs Blakk Shogun: Another one of the favorites handles business early on. Monster Bboys advanced. Middle Beast Crew vs Masta Mace and Karam: The middle east crew has really been making noise in the USA. They move on to the top 8.Furious Styles vs Phaze II: Another great one. Both crews reaping with their new generation. Phaze II takes it. Supreme BGSK vs Naughty Boys: Florida takes out Cali in this one. Supreme BGSK takes it.


Pocket and Victor vs Body Carnival: What a battle. The bgirls brought it but Pocket and Victor pulled it off and move on. Knucklehead Zoo vs Fusion Rockers: Vegas vs S. Korea, Sin City comes out on top. KHZ takes it. Monster Bboys vs Middle Beast Crew: The crew from Jordan was looking for an upset but was not meant to be. Monster Bboys advance. Phaze II vs Supreme BGSK: Another dope and heated battle. New Phaze II generation takes the W.


Knucklehead Zoo vs Pocket and Victor. Lets go to the footage for this one:

Monster Bboys vs Phaze II


Pocket and Victor vs Monster Bboys

What a final battle it was. The top 2 squads all night. 4 world class bboys leaving it all on the floor.

Congrats to Pocket and Victor on a great Victory! They didn’t have it easy but they made it happen!



Thanks to our good friends at Stance, you can check out all the battles on their YouTube channel HERE

You can also check out all pictures of I Must Break You by Kien Quan HERE

Congrats to Mike, Knuckleheads Cali and their staff on an incredible event! One of the best events of the year for sure!!

Next up on the PBT schedule: FREESTYLE SESSION 2016 WORLD FINALS

Follow the PRO BREAKING TOUR at: www.udeftour.org/full-schedule

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