INSPIRATIONAL VIDEO: Rudimental – “Not Giving In” ft. John Newman & Alex Clare

This video is a great example of the choices in life one can make, and how one moment can change our lives forever. Many of us can relate because we came from the ghettos, we had abusive home lives, and know what it is like to have to steal to eat. For me, growing up as a kid in the poor neighborhoods of Mexico City, this video touched me. It hit home in many ways.
Breaking and Hiphop culture was created in ghettos by kids that had nothing, and were told would achieve nothing. I feel that God gave us this culture to give us a sense of value and pride. For once we had a chance to prove ourselves. For many of us who grew up in third world countries, school was not an option because school is not free. Participating in sports can be very hard if you don’t have the money for equipment or membership fee to athletic clubs. HIPHOP IS FREE. Hiphop is everywhere and requires only your love and dedication to achieve greatness.

Many of us always talk about how breaking and Hiphop culture saved our lives, we finally have a visual to our stories.

Congrats to everyone that NEVER GAVE IN.

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