Interview with El Niño; The Importance Of Supporting Jams

Came across this interview with Pookie on the forum, and just wanted to shed some more light on it since he touches on a really important topic that does not get discussed enough. In it he compares how much more supportive of jams bboys and bgirls are in other countries compared to the U.S., and the extents they go to just to be able to vibe and kick it at jams. I’ve definitely noticed this in my travels as well, and have seen and heard of some of the craziest things. As Pook mentions, in European countries it is not uncommon at all for crews to take long bus rides and road trips to jams, some bboys and bgirls even make the journey solo. I’ve been to South American countries where bboys and bgirls have saved up money for months, hitchhiked, and even hopped trains just for the opportunity to support and experience a jam hours away from their hometown. Yet for some reason when it comes to a lot of bboys and bgirls here in the US, many often don’t make the effort to support jams in their own city, let alone another state. At the end of the day it’s a lot like training– if it’s important to you, you will make it happen and if not you will make an excuse. Check out what Pook has to say, and feel free to share your own opinion on the forum.

Shout out to Banzski for providing the interview.

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