“It’s For Us” Documentary by Tek TKPROINC

‘It’s For Us’ is a documentary by Tek Self X Crew (Chicago) that takes us on a incredible 7 city, 2 country journey highlighting the rawness and beauty of hip hop culture in its purest form. The documentary takes us on a roller coaster ride from Chicago, to Atlanta, Orlando, Miami, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, New York, and finally ending in Montpellier, France. The beauty of the documentary, what makes it truly special, is the fact that the artists are being true to their element and themselves. Nothing is scripted, nothing was planed, everything was raw and organic.

It’s hard to find the words to describe such documentary. Why? Because it truly IS for US. The documentary does an incredible job showing the beauty of why we do what we do, reminding us why we are so passionate and dedicated to living the lifestyle and culture that we love.


I reached out to Tek to find out more about the documentary.

1) What inspired the documentary?  

Tek: It stems from feeling an obligation to pass on to the next generation what I have learned and observed throughout the years.

2.) What do you hope the viewers get from it?

Tek: A deeper understanding of what this culture represents and what it means to us.  Ultimately I want people to question why they do what they do…it seems like a fairly simple question but it always gets a deep and emotional response to those that I have asked.

For me (Mex) my favorite moment of the documentary is my mom speaking as she did. Growing up we came from poverty and due to her having to always work, she could never attend any of my soccer games. Having her by my side, working with me side by side is truly one of my biggest blessings. I owe it all to this community/culture who not only gives to me but also my family. IT’S THE REASON I DO WHAT I DO. Hearing Moy speak the words that he does, seeing Jigz get as emotional as he did when describing what this dance means to him. That is what Hiphop Culture was set out to do. IT’S FOR US, it gives to us, it lives through us, IT IS US.

I would like to send a special shout out to the homie Tek for such great piece of art.

Mad respect!

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