Japanese Bgirl Kanami by photographer Ayato

We recently posted a picture on IG and FB of a Japanese school girl getting down. The bgirl is rocking that footwork with perfect form, dope Puma Suedes with fat laces and of course a school uniform. Little did we know she was soon to become every bboy teenager’s new “bgirl crush”.

The picture generated nearly 2,000 likes on IG and 50,000+ views plus hundreds of shares on Facebook. We knew the picture was “dope” but we never knew the kind of feed back it would generate. When we 1st posted the picture, we did it because of her “form”. We knew she had to be a real bgirl and come to find out, she is. And she is nasty!


Her name is Bgirl Kanami.
Check her out in this highlight clip featuring her crew mate MYW (together they are KANAMYW):

Follow then on Instagram here: BgirlKanami , Bgirl MYW

The picture was taken by photographer AYATO. We didn’t post the picture because Kanami is “cute” but because the picture itself has certain aspects that made it stand out. The beautiful and clean scenery, the posture, angle, light in which picture was taken…all had lots to do with it.

We looked up more work by AYATO and found he is a very dope and talented photographer as well! Check out more of his work here:

You can check out even more of AYATO‘S work on his personal facebook: AYATO

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