While on his recent trip to Florida, Kid David teamed up with Felix (drummer of Fusik) to create something unique, something different that portraits the beauty of our dance. The result was a fusion of art and style.


We reached out to Kid David and asked him where the idea behind the project came from:

“I had always wanted to make a clip of my drumming connected to my breaking. The original concept was to do a split screen of myself dancing to myself, but the concept is – the music tells u what to do. And if u can drum with your hands u can drum with your body.
We are instruments”

Kid David – Renegades

We also reached out to Felix who is a very respected bboy in the state of Florida.
He had this message for all those inspiring bboys/bgirls on the importance of music:

“Music is what moves you, every beat and song is different and unique so try to find what makes it unique and let it show in your dance. To me, dance and music are the same. The more I learn about one, the more I learn about the other. Listen to the music and become the music like my man Kid David did.”
Felix – Fusik

Extra special shout out to Quan Vu and the guys at BlueMotion Studios for killing it once again with the clean production!

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