Kids Make The Revolution: The Illest Kids.

Decided to send a shout out to some of the illest kids in the game.These kids are all 13 and under (might be off by a year for one of them). We wont write much, let’s let their skill do the talking. Check them out and tell us what you think.

Representing The City of Wind isSelf-X Crew’s own, Bboy P-Nut. P-Nut was born into this culture and represents it to the fullest. Check out an interview we featured him in a few months back: “P-nut From The City Of Wind”

The second Bboy is the one and only Bboy Justen representing Hustle Kidz from Holland. Got to meet him at United Styles Boston last summer, mad cool and funny kid. Justen is nasty with it, creative, original, and dynamic.

The third kid is Skill Methodz own Bboy Lil Demon hailing from Hawaii. At only 9-10 years old its safe to say he is the best bboy to ever hail from the Island. Some kids are “naturals” and Lil Demon is one of those kids that picks up a move, trick, or power combo presented to him with ease.

Last but not least, hailing from the land of the rising sun is Bboy Shigekix representing K.A.K.B Crew. The Japanese tradition continues, Shigekix carries the style style and flow of Japan with new moves and transitions. Creative in so many ways.

4 different Bboys, from 3 continents, and 4 different parts of the world letting us know that the future is bright. Can wait to see what they become in 5 -10 years.
Wishing all four nothing but the best!

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