Knowledge Reigns Supreme: Roxrite Interview

While browsing Youtube we came across Roxrite‘s StrifeTV interview at Outbreak 7 Hiphop Festival and one thing stood out; it got 53,000 hits! 53,000 hits?!?! Interviews usually get about 5k – 10k. Then we heard the interview again and we realized Rox dropped some crazy knowledge. He went into detail about why he believes he won RedBull BC One and what his style represents.

Before we continue, I want to say a little something about BC ONE. Dope “Real” Bboys have always said things like, “You have to flip or do airflares to win BC One” or, “Real Bboys don’t win BC ONE.” Honestly, all that is an excuse because THEY CAN’T WIN BC ONE. Roxrite is one of the truest bboys in the game.

Continuing, Rox went into detail quoting THE MASTER, Ken Swift, in explaining why footwork is the backbone to the dance and why his style and variations separate him from the pack. Rox also said something that truly stood out, “All these other things people try to incorporate existed long before our dance, so whats left?”

Those words truly stood out. For now, we will let you enjoy the rest of the interview. Much respect to Rox, he is our brotha and props to StrifeTV for always doing a great job covering the community. Stay tuned for more great interviews. Remember, Always KNOWtheLEDGE.

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