Marlon: The Starving Artist, The Truthful Man

This blog takes us back to May of 2001. I was a young bboy looking forward to seeing his favorite crew (HaviKORO) compete at Pro-Am 2001. Waiting at the Ramada hotel lobby for the event to start, a famous bboy came to my table and decided to sit down and chill with me. That bboy was Marlon of HaviKORO. I was a fan of his after seeing footage of Freestyle Session 5 and the Flavor to Burn/Bboy City tapes. As Marlon and I started conversing, I realize he was a cool down-to-earth guy, very humble and easy going (In FL, all the famous bboys I hmet acted big-headed and stuck up). It was then that I told myself, “When I get “famous” I will treat younger bboys the exact way Marlon treated me… with respect”.

As years passed, Marlon and I became great friends. I was with him the first time he ever flew out of the country (South Korea). Throughout the years, we had both established ourselves as “spokesmen” for the community, activist, if you want to call us that. I do it in panels and in person while Marlon does it with poetry. Poetry is a huge part of his life. He has traveled the world speaking his rhymes and sharing his stories. Never shy with words, he has many times spoken up when others don’t and said what others wouldn’t. At jams, he teaches self-discovery within the dance. At schools he teaches self-discovery with life.

Below is some of Marlon’s work

Speaking in regards to his poetry

Speaking in regards to our Breakin community

In regards to learning and taking workshops

Poetry performance at  BC ONE Houston


As you can see, Marlon always has something to say or even better, THE RIGHT THINGS TO SAY. Marlon recently embarked on a SOLO show called IMMIGRANTS: A show about a young man migrating to America and finding himself struggling to keep up with the fast life and melting pot of the United States. Imagine that.

We leave you with one final poem: Starving Artist

Many speak but few are heard. I heard him in 2001 and stayed true to my promise. If you are interested in contacting Marlon, you can do so at


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