Mass Appeal X United Styles at Floorlords 36th Year Ann.

This past weekend the PBT hit the Beantown for what was to be one of the most anticipated events in the USA. The Floorlords 36th Year Anniversary. Floorlords is HIPHOP ROYALTY. The crew has been an inspiration to the community since the community started uniting in the mid 90’s. I(Mex) remember how deep the crew rolled up back at Pro-Am 2000. Floorlords produced one of the greatest bboys of all time in Float and bboy El Nino now carries the torch as one of the greatest of his generation. Leno(leader) has done so much for so many. He has mentor not just his son Lean Rock and Nephew(El Nino) but many young up and coming bboys/bgirls from the Boston area and beyond. Floorlords simply happens to be one of the most liked and respected crews our community has ever produced. Floorlords Ann truly is a celebration of family and culture.

Lets check out what the FL Ann. was all about:
• 2vs2 / Concept Breakin’ Battle
• 1v1 / 7-to-Smoke Allstyle Battle

2v2 Prize: 1st: $1,000 (2 checks of $500) 2nd: $500 (2 checks of $250) 3rd & 4th ( 4 checks of $100)

(Breakin’ Judges)
Lego (FL) – Palmer (TX) – Fleau (MTL)

Razor Cut / Safire / DP One

The Competition
For Mass Appeal, lets go straight into the Top 16 battle bracket:

Top 16
Lawtown Assassins Vs Optimistic Crew
Lil Beast /Volant Vs Aplus /Thaiyo
Mikey/Lekz Vs Styles Corrupt
Floor Convicts Vs Ariya
Now Or Never Vs Del Fuego Robo
Super Campones Vs Jav/Surge
Optimistic Floor Gangz Vs Amazzonki Crew
Thesis and Willastr8 Vs Boogie Renaissance

Top 8
Devote/Mass Vs Optimistic Floor Gangz
Aplus/Sevy Vs Machi/Bombi
Thesis /Willastr8 Vs Jax/Thaiyo
Lu/Rith Vs D-Matt / Rhythm

Bombi/Willastr8 Vs Thesis/Rhythm
Mass/Devote Vs D-Matt/Machi

Mass/Thesis Vs Devote/Rhythm

MASS APPEAL Top 16 to Finals Playlist HERE

Congrats to Mass and Thesis!!!

And now for the “main event” United Styles 13. United Styles always brings out some real heavy hitter and this year was no exception. This year, the talent pool was “world class”. Top bboys such as the BC One All Stars, Knuckleheads Cali, Sweet Technique, Street Masters, and many more crews from across the U.S came out to represent. With that kind of talent, you knew the judges had to be world class as well.
Check out the judges line up: Lego (FL) – Palmer (TX) – Fleau (MTL). On the wheels of steel were none other than: DJ Lean Rock and DJ Fleg. The music, the talent, the vibe, and the culture all represented to the fullest. And lets not forget the prize money… Because when the Pro Breaking Tour is involved, there is always plenty of prizes to go around. Prize breakdown went a little something like this:

• 1st: 1,500 (3 checks of $500)
• 2nd: $750 (3 checks of $250)
• 3rd & 4th : 900 (6 checks of 150)

The competition:

Top 16
Straight Outta Jersey Vs BC One All Stars: BC One All Stars take the W.
Floor Convicts Vs Gravity Benders: Floor convicts advance.
Street Masters Vs Ariya: The Masters move on to the Top 8.
Unstoppable Beasts Vs Now Or Never: Unstoppable lives up to their name.
Chacha / Stacy / Will Vs Corrupt Technique: C. Technique takes the victory.
Del Fuego Wolfpack Vs Problem Wizards: The hometown crew takes the battle.
Full Circle Vs Optimistic Crew: Them Minnesota boys move on.
Knucklehead Kingz vs All City Rockers: KHKingz take it.

Top 8
Floor Convicts Vs BC One All Stars: The All Stars are in the semis.
Unstoppable Beasts Vs Street Masters: Unstoppable yet again.
Del Fuego Wolfpack Vs Corrupt Technique: Corrupt Technique take it.
Knucklehead Kingz Vs Optimistic: Knucklehead Kingz in the top 4.

For the semis and finals, lets check out the battles:

Unstoppable Beasts Vs BC One All Stars

Knuckleheads Kingz Vs Corrupt Technique

Knucklehead Kingz Vs BC One All Stars

CONGRATS TO THE BC ONE ALL STARS!! Menno, Victor and Rox Rite!!

For all battles, check out the good peoples at Bboy Network who were there covering the event: HERE

For awesome pictures of Floorlords 36th Year Ann. Check out Joseph Lee Photography: HERE

Next stop on the Pro Breaking Tour: Freestyle Session Florida
Follow the PBT at:

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