Massive Monkees Day 2017 Week!

Its Massive Monkees Week! Hailed as one of the illest crews of its generation, MM has stayed consistent and devoted to the community for nearly 20 years. Massive is one of the few crews to be recognized by their city and given the “Key to the city” and official “Day”. Beloved by just about everyone, Massive is like the coolest cool kids. True to their crew philosophy and style, Massive has become somewhat of at “brand”. Shoot, I remember a collabo tee they did with UNDEFEATED a few years back!

The beginnings:

MM was stablished back in 1999, (fusion between Massive Crew and Universal Style Monkees) the crews has competed and won just about every major competition there is to win. If you came up in the early 00’s you remember them from their epic battles at Freestyle Session Worldwide. In 2004 the crew won the biggest prize money competition in the history of our community at the time($100,000?) in London at World Bboy Championships. Not limited to competitions, the crew has also received main stream success with their appearance in MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew” season 4. Members of the crew have performed with artist such as: Nas, 50 Cent, Missy Elliott, Beyonce, Alicia Keys and most recently in Macklemore’s “Downtown” music video. Massive also owns and operates their own youth center in the heart of Seattle, The Beacon:

The now:

To find out more, check out their Wikipedia page, HERE (Yes, they even have a Wikipedia page!)

To find out more about Massive Monkees Day 2017, check out the event page on FB, HERE

One time to UDEF and the Pro Breaking Tour for having MMDay as part of their tour.

One time to Massive. Much respect for all you’ve done in the community and for being some really cool peeps.

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