Massive Monkees Weekend 2017 recap

Last May 19th – 21st weekend the breaking community celebrated one of the most respectable crews in our culture, Massive Monkees. For the last 2 decades Massive has been one of the most consistent, inspirational, competitive and professional crews to come out of our community. Their achievements are so special that they became the 1st crew of their generation to be recognized by their city(Seattle) and given the key to the city + their own city holiday. Massive Monkees represent style and class in everything they do, Massive Monkees Weekend is no exception.

As the 14th official stop of the Pro Breaking Tour, Massive Monkees Weekend is recognized as one of the best breaking events in the USA community. For many, it has become the best breaking event in the U.S. Massive Monkees Weekend brings a great mixture of competition and culture. Professionalism and rawness. The ying and the yang. The event is filled with parties, workshops, battles, cyphers, great music, vibes and good times. MMDAY17 brings together the dopeness of the 90’s early 2K era of events with the structure and competitiveness of the current generation. Spearheading the event (as always) are the DJ’S and #MMDAY17 came through with a dope line up that consisted of Lean Rock(Boston), Wicket(The Bay), Cues(Seattle), Tecumseh(Seattle) and none other than Bles One(Seattle). They fellas made sure the music was fire throughout the weekend.

The competition aspect of the event consisted of 4 categories. Day 1(Reign Supreme 2017) featured a 1 vs 1 battle with the winner receiving a trip to compete in Shanghai China this September. The event also featured an open style 7 to smoke invitational for $500.00 and a guaranteed spot at next years event to defend the title. Day two(Massive Monkees Day) featured the main event of the weekend, 1 vs 1 Footwork Master Championships for a now very famous 4 finger ring and the 3 vs 3 crew battles awarding $5,000.00 + a chance to compete at SBO 2017 for 1st place, 2nd place received $1,500.00 with 3rd and 4th place taking $750.00 per crew. Those kind of prizes need top quality judging and MMDAY17 doesn’t disappoint. Weekend line up of judges consisted of: Remind(Style Elements), Ken Swift(Break Life), Free(Circle of Fire), Wicket(Renegades), Fever One(Rock Steady), and Danny(Caster Evolution). Open styles judges: Flow Funk(Massive) and Anna Matuszewski(Macklemore & Ryan Lewis).

With so many battles taking place through out the weekend, it is almost impossible for us to go through each battle 1 by one. But luckily, our good friends at Bboy Network were present covering the event and added all the 1 vs 1 Top 16 battles on Youtube. World Class Bboys like El Nino, Tata, Bebo, Shane and many other top level up and coming bboys like PhilWizard, Dr Trey and Mad Action.

To check out all 1 vs 1 Reign Supreme battles check out Bboy Network HERE

Reign Supreme 1 vs 1 Final battle: Tata vs Dr. Trey

Congrats to Tata – Beast Coast – Team Monster on a great victory!!
One time to the homie Mikeskee for organizing Reign Supreme and helping with MMDAY17! We see you brotha!!


Footwork Masters 1 vs 1 Finals: Box Cutta vs Wing Zero

Congrats to BoxCutta, your new MMDAY17 Footwork Master Champion.
These battles had world class all over them. Crews like Hustle Kids from Holland, Foundnation from Japan, Monster Bboys, Supernaturalz, Del Fuego Wolfpack, Calamities and many others battled it out for the title. Lets take you straight to the Top 8 battles:

1) Team Monster defeats Gunsmoke Breakout in the 1st battle of the top 8.
2) Foundation vs. Super Naturals: Japan defeats Canada to advance.
3) Gunsmoke Flava vs. Calamaties: Gunsmoke Flava takes out California’s own Calamaties.
4) Hustle Kidz vs. Del Fuego Wolf pack: Hustle Kidz take out the Boston Wolfpack.

For the semi finals and finals, it is only proper to check out the battles here:
Foundation vs. Team Monster

Hustle Kidz vs. Gunsmoke Flava

Hustle Kidz vs. Team Monster

Congrats to Holland’s own Hustle Kidz on taking the title!! Well deserved fellas.
t out goes out to Massive Monkees. THANK YOU for being the crew that you are and doing what you do. If more crews from your generations carried themselves as you do, our community would be in a much better place.

Next stop on the Pro Breaking Tour: Culture of 4
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