Master The Art 14 recap

On Saturday April 1st, the Pro Breaking Tour made its 8th official stop of the 2017 calendar year in Saline, Michigan. The event? Master The Art 14. In its 14th edition, Master The Art is one of the longest running events in the mid west. With Michigan having such a young and promising scene, MTA14 was a perfect event for new up and coming bboys/bgirls to showcase their skills and test themselves vs bboys/bgirls of their same caliber. Events like MTA are needed, they are great training grounds for the future generation to harness their skills.

MTA (hosted by Soul Drunk) featured a 3 vs 3 breaking battle with the prizes being $900.00 for 1st place, $300.00 for 2nd place and 3rd & 4th place taking $150.00 respectively. The DJ at the event was none other than Massive Monkees own DJ BlesOne.

Judges for the event consisted of: Bboy Burn – Ground Illusionz, Whorah – Beast Coast, and Skill Methodz own Bboy Venum.


Top 16
My Flo Mo vs Icebox: Ice Box takes the W.
Phaze II vs DOZ: Midwest royalty Phaze II takes the W.
No Reservations vs Sat Night Raw: SNR advances.
Vertical Ambition vs 99 Stylez: 99 styles moves on.
Brick City vs Hardcore Detroit: Michigan’s OG’s Hardcore Detroit takes it.
Flowhio vs Lay Z Boys: The Buckeye states moves on.
GTA 6 vs Autorocks: GTA takes it.
BAD Panduhmonium vs GCOS: GCOS moves on to the Top 8.

Top 8
Hardcore Detroit vs GCOS: GCOS takes out Hardcore.
99 Stylez vs GTA 6: GTA comes out on top.
Phaze II vs Ice box: Ice box takes out one of the favorites.
Flowhio vs Saturday Night Raw

lets check out the battles:


Flowhio Vs Ice Box:

The Finals:
GTA 6 Vs Ice Box

One time to the out of town boys Ice Box for taking home the W!. They came, they saw, the conquered.

Shout outs to Soul Drunk and the MTA staff on 14 years! Its not easy but you guys keep at it!

Next up on the Pre Breaking Schedule:
Rock Harder, Freestyle Session Canada

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