Memorable Bboy Quotes by Strife.TV

I have been very lucky to document and follow so many talented hip hop dancers. Since 2010, I begun to pay attention and keep a written archive of memorable quotations from people in the bboy community. As far as I know, I’m the only one that has actively kept such an archive. In the future, I would like to make a slideshow video with these quotes, but in the meantime, a blog posting will do. These are not my entire collection, but some of my favorites from the past two years.

A lot can be learned from these quotes. Some show passion, some show humor, while others are means of inspiration to provoke philosophical thoughts for everyone. Collectively, all of these quotes show what kind of bboy / bgirl community we have.


-Daniel | STRIFE.TV

 ”If the drums from Apache by the Incredible Bongo Band could talk, they’d say, “STOP using me for every breakbeat remix!”

- DJ Fleg (Lionz of Zion)

“We started breaking because it fit our personality, not because we needed to find one”

- Cypher Adikts

“Stop the B-bullying. Not everyone is gonna dance like you, act like you, battle like you, so stop hating on people who aren’t you. Embrace different tastes. Encourage courage.”

- Atomic Goofball

“Put aside all the politics, opinions, and history for a moment. We should be grateful we have the capacity to move and control our own bodies in the first place. The bigger picture. Respect and regards to Steelo.”

- MN Joe

“Foundation is not moves, people think that ‘Oh I got Foundation’ and they throw a little sweep and do a swipes and do a little thing you know chair freeze and says I got Foundation, but Foundation isn’t a move. Foundation is the ability to understand, making connection with the song and expressing the attitude and putting the flavor on to the move. You don’t put the flavor to the move then it’s not Foundation.”

- Ken Swift

“Q: What do you think about biting in bboying?
A: You gotta bite to eat. But don’t bite the hand that feeds you. “

- Remind via Ivan

“Be conscious of what you wear and are promoting, and make sure it is what you want to represent.”

- Remind

“Hip hop was created by kids. It is about time the kids of this culture take it back, because the creativity is with the kids. Each one, teach one, show the kids. You guys inspire me.”

- Poe One

“…nowadays in major competitions, you get the pressure from outside. When you hear that music, you are not thinking about the music anymore. First thing you want to do is to do the big move, just to impress people, and you are not impressing yourself. (You need to) get back to the dance.”

- Tyquan

“Took second place at Chelles Battle Pro international in France last week, then straight to 12 hour night shifts delivering babies. Feels kind of weird. Was I really in Paris at this time one week ago?”

- Zeshen, who is also a doctor.

“Just so you all know, Bucho Bros: myself and Thesis, have been contacted by America’s Got Talent and want us to audition. But we told them no! We are keeping that off a show that just wants to use us for their benefit. Thank you, but no thank you!”

- Flexum

“Just because you are old doesn’t make you an old school pioneer”

- Ken Swift

“A lot of people don’t believe in what they are doing. They just want the crowd to scream for them.”

- Roxrite

“For all those bboy editors or non bboys trying to use our dance for video work. If you in the scene and know about our dance then please quit labeling or tagging Break Dance to your clips. It is 2011, we are the revolution.. no more toy shit.”

- Roxrite

“That sound of footwork on concrete – can’t beat it.”

- almost every Youtube viewer

“Epiphany: Skateboarders usually have to learn how to skate before tricks, then why don’t bboys learn how to dance before tricks?”

- Nasty Ray

“If you’re not already at practice after watching BC One, you’re fucking up.”

- Paranoid Android.

“The music is in me. The timing and rhythm are so deeply engrained that I don’t have to depend on hearing.”

- Crazy Kujo

“Funny how when people say ‘real hip hop’ party they only play 90′s hip hop. But real hip hop parties in the 90s played hip hop house, r&b, 80s classics, and reggae. You wasn’t there so your mad confused on what a real hip hop party is!”

- Skeme Richards

“No disrespect, but pay attention! Bboying is not a sport.”

- Ken Swift

“If you are a bboy that puts out a trailer or demo but doesn’t support the community at all…you FAILED! So many bboys now-a-days want everything but don’t do anything. “

- bboy Moy

“If B-boying is an art form, I’d like to know who labeled it an art form above anything else. Did the OGs from New York during the gang era say, ‘Hey, let me express myself through this artform.’ I do believe that B-boying is a Dance, Artform, Culture and a Game. That is what makes it so special, the fact that it can be all of them at the same time.”

- Dyzee

“People say they throwing a bboy jam but it is really a bboy competition, there’s a difference! Call it the correct thing, please!”

- Skeme Richards

“It’s called breaking…. just because you’re flexible doesn’t mean it automatically becomes abstract.”


“Everyone tells me you can’t do it (balance college & bboying), but sure you can. Just don’t go out, go downtown and drink every night. Practice, and then study, and hit the books, and practice some more.”

Zeshen, medical student at University of Texas and Havikoro crew member

“What the hell? This American beer does not work.”

- InTact from Ukraine, holding up a Budweiser.

“Carry that architecture of that design that you created that brain and heart into other elements of your life”


“Q: Yo, you break?
A: No”


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  • http://bolivianbboying.blogspot.com/ Ark

    i just love it tnx for this!!!! and strifetv please make more interviews translated to spanish that help the community here :)

  • spaces

    “What the hell? This American beer does not work.”

    – InTact from Ukraine, holding up a Budweiser.

    hahaha I feel his pain. Nice list y’all got there though..

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