Memory Lane: MIND 180 feat Casper and Nasty Ray vs Rivers Crew 2007

In the mid 2000′s (2003 – 2007), the Korean Bboy scene took our community by storm. These guys where winning everything. Korea was innovating power moves like no one had ever done, moves that only few had mastered before them became the norm or standard for any up and coming bboy. The jams in Korea where huge. It was said, and I confirmed it, that you could see Bboy battles on national television. Korean bboys were treated as national celebrities of some sort.

In 2007, Florida’s own Mind 180, along with Nasty Ray and Casper, won their way to the Bboy Unit Korea Finals. While back staged they did something no one had ever done, straight up called them out in a cypher. For the first time the big stage was taken away and that moment in time may have changed the Korean bboy scene forever. Born got down with Flava Squad soon after, and Korean bboys started traveling to the states more to compete and learn more about the culture. The Korean scene now is much different than it was in 2007. For a moment in time, we will always remember an era that truly changed many things in our community.

Much respect.

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