In the summer of 2002, Spinfactor 3 took place in Providence Rhode Island. The event featured some of the best bboys of the time. Bboys like Moy, Boy, and Marlon of HaviKORO, as well as Ronnie Ruen and Frankie Flave of Killafornia, Do-knock, Omen, Mondo, Chino, and many more.

“Set up” battles were a new thing so everyone anticipated the battles, especially Boy HaviKORO vs Ruen Killafornia. The event generated lots of hype and when it took place, everyone was talking about it BUT, when the trailer for the VHS came out IT WAS A WRAP! The clip featured special effects, different kind of intro music, and new graphics never used before for a highlight clip. The clip went “viral” (by 2002 standards) in our community. I remember watching it over, and over, and over again.

The clip was so successful it made my crew (Unique Styles) and I make the 24 hour drive the following year for Spinfactor 4. Shout outs to Crazy Freddy and Kebla123 for the great memories. A true blast from the past.

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