Music Matters: Lean Rock’s Story Behind the Break Em Off’ EP

Music has been a major topic within our culture lately and it should be since it is the back bone of the dance. The music is the foundation behind everything we do, without it there is no dance. For the past few years Lean Rock has been working with a talented group of producers and musician to create quality music for the culture. Check out his story as he shares with us the struggles he had to over come to accomplish his goals and also sheds some light on the issue of mental health.

For Lean Rock’s full article please click here: Breakin’ Taboo


To support the album and check out the music follow the link below.

Click here for the music: The Break Squad – Break Em Off

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  1. […] Source: Music Matters: Lean Rock’s Story Behind the Break Em Off’ EP […]

  2. Borislav Mihaylov says:

    Much respect to Lean Rock, he’s been busting his ass to create a lot of great music

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