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“To me dance is the purest art because it is a brief moment in time that might never occur again. Enjoy these moments. […] It is the feeling of freedom, a connection to the floor and mind and body. […] And it’s not always found on a stage, or in a competition. I always found it on the concrete, or in a hallway, bleedin’ the block!” – Zeshen Wu, Havikoro

Good company and music, the scene needs this now more than ever. This is the time in which bboys and bgirls have the capabilities to get exposure on a massive level. Therefore we better come correct. In maintaining an image of a culture, the community of bboys have to show a sense of togetherness. Although we may have different perspectives on the dance we should work with one another to preserve breaking in its most pure form of just dancing and having fun. Bring back the feeling of getting free: vibing with people, creating on the spot, and above all being true. No one acts hard all the time. So don’t front and support.
Recently I’ve been trying to make it out to as many practice spots and party/cypher events as possible and I’m continually amazed at how the simplest moments are cause for great motivation. Late night carpet sessions in the living room turn into times where we release. Even talks after practice about breaking start to relate to life as a whole. We come together to make this culture and it is truly a beautiful thing. Big ups to the Break Free community center in Houston, TX and the Hip Hop School of Arts in Pomona, CA for getting youth and local neighborhoods involved in productive expression. Shout outs to events like Cypher Adikts and Steady Rocking that keep the party groove. On another note, Cypher Adikts 2nd anniversary in LA was too dope. From the DJ Ervin and Jungle Fire playing funky breaks to the storehouse venue that looked like something out of Style Wars, everything about that night felt more authentic. Jeskilz and the CA team did it again! There were quite a few non-bboys/bgirls there as well getting a taste of the vibe and they contributed to the hype as well. There was definitely a genuine feeling of growth as a community in the circle. The scene needs this.

Cypher Adikts 2 Year Anniversary

Open sessions and circles alike allow for us to re-inspire and challenge ourselves. In effect, this allows those outside the community to better understand our world. Beyond the visually pleasing blow-up or fast footwork technique non-bboys/bgirls should catch that feeling that something awesome is happening beyond the visual. They need to know why we risk injury and pain against an unsympathetic floor. They need to know that this craft isn’t about feeding the ego, it’s about nourishing the soul. They need to know that the dedication is worth it because what we do is done out of love. Tomorrow breaking may become another pop-phase and people may question the skill and creativity of the art, but don’t ever give them a reason to question the passion and heart of this dance.

Video Credits, channel: Zesh Havikoro

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  1. JCLocal07 says:

    excuse any grammatical errors I may have had -__-

  2. mamba says:

    Great article!

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