Our good friends at STRIFE.TV posted a quote from Remind that made me finally want to write about a topic that very much needs to be talked about.

“It’s so funny how the B Boys & B Girls have worked so hard to create their own industry, only to hand it over to these corporations to do with what they will.”

The Bboy/Bgirl community has grown immensely in so many ways. From events taking place once every few months, never giving out prize money or only giving out $100.00 for a 1 vs 1, to today’s era where some events are making it possible to make a living from the art form and culture they love.

The internet has taken our community to new highs and lows, the growth that came from social media
sites and web pages like Youtube has been enormous, it has allowed for “companies” like The Bboy Spot, brands like Biggest&Baddest, and social media outlets like Strife TV to promote our community and enhance its growth while keeping everything community owned and operated.

Two things that seem to be changing in drastic ways:
With the success of movies like ‘You Got Served’ and the ‘Step Up’ series which feature all sorts of dance styles mixed together, many of our events have also made the switch from Breaking / Hip Hop culture events to ‘All Styles’ or how I like to call them “Mix Martial Dance” events. Sadly, our Breaking community is taking a major hit from this. Promoters feel that there is no hope in organizing Breaking events because the support the event will generate wont be enough. We are sacrificing our community that we’ve worked so hard to build and grow for the profit a packed all style event will generate.

Note: I don’t have anything against other dance styles. All dance styles, like cultures, deserve their individual respect and there is a time/place/community for each dance style to be manifested.

Another problem that I see is that some bboys no longer want to wear community based brands.
Bboys & Bgirls want to turn their back on their own, and instead give their hard earned money to companies who don’t give a dime or care about our culture. It shouldn’t be about a shirt. If you like a tee, but everyone at the  jam wears it, DON’T WEAR IT AT A JAM. I assure you, you will be more original wearing a community brand tee when you’re out and about than wearing a mass marketed streetwear brand tee.

Note: Our community based brands MUST STEP UP. Stop wasting the communities money for your personal grown and invest it back into our culture. Our quality, presentation, and business skills must improve in MAJOR ways. Bboys and bgirls should be proud of wearing our brands, not embarrassed.

With that being said, we must support our own. Let’s do the right thing and keep growing. If we build it, they will come. No one will ever grow our community for us. Not Red Bull, not a system, not one event, or promoter. It will have to be a community effort.
Let’s not throw it all away for a bone.

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