Our Community: UNITY WITHIN

For far too long many have tried to team up to make things better for the community, there have been meetings with the top promoters across the world to discuss what can be done, how things should work, whether or not there needs to be a governing body. These meetings date back almost 10 years but truthfully when one is worried or concerned solely on the longevity and prosperity of their own events, it’s hard to come up with a game plan that would truly be in the benefit of 1) The Bboys/Bgirls in our community, 2) ALL parties involved as a team/unit and 3) your own personal events. For years I’ve understood how impossible this is being that when you have different personalities, different views, ideas and ultimately, different goals. Creating a government body would basically create politicians and one thing I know is POLITICIANS ARE CROOKS.

With that being said: This does not mean people can’t work together. For years, my self and many other friends & promoters have worked together; supporting each other 100% when its time to do so, putting personal pride aside to make things better for the community. The reason it works, and what makes it simple is actually very simple is WE SHARE THE SAME GOALS AND ASPIRATIONS FOR THE COMMUNITY 1ST.


This kind of networking and togetherness made BBOY WEEK happen two years ago in Los Angeles when we had Battle of the Year USA – Outbreak L.A – Freestyle Session 14 and parties/workshops all week long. Earlier this year in Taipei, Taiwan, we once again brought you BBOY WEEK. We teamed up with Cypher Adikts – Freestyle Session – Culture Shock and China’s Bboy ShangHai. 5 days of workshops, discussion panels and events. Bboys from all over Asia flew out to make it a very memorable week.


In 2 weeks here in Orlando Florida, we (The Bboy Spot) are teaming up once again with our good friends from Cypher Adikts, our brother Cros One of Free style Session and with Red Bull to bring you Cypher Aditks – Freestyle Session USA Finals and Red Bull BC One Orlando Cypher. A full weekend of back to back events that will bring together Bboys from all over the world to celebrate art and culture.


Next month in Eastern Europe. We are teaming up to bring you a SUPER HIPHOP WEEK. Poland’s own Polskee Flavor, The Bboy Spot Europe and Ukraine’s Yalta Summer Jam are putting together a 10 day program that includes a Bboy/Bgirl summer camp, Cypher Adikts Europe, Outbreak Europe and Yalta Summer Jam. This will be the longest breaking festival in our community’s history. Over 10 days of jams, panels, workshops, parties and of course culture.

How is all this possible? The answer is simple: we put the community 1st and work together to make sure everyone that comes has the best time ever. We are not worried about creating a federation/organization, we are not implementing a standard all parties have to follow. We are simply doing what we love with people that share our views and ideologies. The way things in our community should be.

Hope to see many of you at these events going on across the world!

Power in numbers. Unity comes with integrity.

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