Outbreak Hip Hop Festival to Break Free 2013 Charter Bus

charter-busThis one goes out to all the out of state and overseas bboys and bgirls coming to Outbreak Hip Hop Festival 10 Year Anniversary. The week after Outbreak, The Bboy Spot is doing our best to organize a charter bus equipped with a bathroom, comfortable seats, television to watch some really great footage as well as Wifi (because we know how much everyone loves Wifi).

Why should you do it? Because Outbreak and Break Free are two of the rawest jams in the United States. If you are visiting, make it an experience. The best of the best bboys/bgirls will be at both events representin’. Make sure your stay will be an incredible one. Orlando is a great vacation spot. From theme parks and water parks to great shopping and great weather. You can stay Monday – Wednesday enjoying all the great things Orlando has to offer. The Bboy Spot team may also set up activities for those staying the extra days. The Bboy Spot will also be open for training.




Departure: The bus will leave from Orlando (The Bboy Spot) early afternoon to Houston and will arrive early Friday.
Return: The bus will depart Monday morning from the hotel (We will be applying for a group rate) and will arrive in Orlando at The Bboy Spot in the morning on Tuesday.


There is currently no set price. The estimated cost will be $150-$200 max. We are doing our best to keep it in the $150 range. Note that everyone traveling on the bus will be able to purchase discounted Break Free tickets for the weekend.

How to Reserve

Contact us at Info @ TheBboySpot.com with the subject line ATT: TRAVEL BUS to reserve your spot. We have only 50 spots available and as of this writing we have 15 bboys and bgirls who have already reserved with us. Full information will be provided once we receive your email.


Outbreak Hip Hop Festival Event Page

Break Free 2013 Event Page

Outbreak to Break Free Charter Bus Facebook Page

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