The future of BBS and Biggest&Baddest

As we all know, we lost our dear friend David “MexOne” Alvarado last week. There are many questions people have asked about the situation, but the one we hear the most is “Will TheBboySpot live on?”, “Will Biggest & Baddest continue?”. These are questions that we are also dealing with ourselves and are trying to figure out correctly. When something like this happens there are so many factors that need to be taken into account… Read more

In Memory Of

MEXONE. My hero.

Never in all my life, would I think to would be writing this post. It’s hard to put into words what I could say about someone like MEX, so I’ll just start from the very beginning and we’ll see where it goes. None of this is pre-planned so i’ll just let it all out. It’ll focus more on the story of me and him and I may ramble, but I just need to let it… Read more

Feature Event

Should Ayumi become the 1st Bgirl to represent the Red Bull BC One ALL Stars??

History was made 2 weeks ago when it was announced that Ayumi-Body Carnival from Japan would become the 1st ever bgirl to represent at a Red Bull BC One World Finals competition (Nov. 4th in Amsterdam, Holland). It has taken 14 years for this to happen. The scene has changed drastically since then. We’ve evolved in many different ways, and the bgirls have done so as well. There was a time when bboys and bgirls… Read more

Event Recaps


This past weekend the Pro Breaking Tour his San Diego CA. for its 27th official stop of the 2017 tour. The jam? UNDISPUTED USA Qualifier. The mega event held what will be the 2nd biggest 1 vs 1 competition is the U.S this year(SB Open will be 1st.) The event line up was WORLD CLASS across the board. World renown bboys such as Remind, Moy, Thesis, El Nino, Ronnie, Lil Rock, and many others wanted… Read more


Good Judge of Character. By Bboy Spin – Soul Mavarics

Some insightful words from our brotha’ SPIN – Soul Maverics on his Facebook page… Lately, I have been thinking more and more about what it is that gets a promoter choosing the judges they do for their events. Most of us have already established that a dope bboy or bgirl does not necessarily make them a good judge. Yet promoters (new and old) still seem to make what I would consider to be bad calls,… Read more


No U.S. Breakers to Be Included in 2018 Youth Olympic Games

Recently the news of “No US bboys allowed in the 2018 Youth Olympics” has sparked a lot of’s what we know so far… UPDATE NUMBER #1 The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) provided notice today that it does not plan to include any breakers in the U.S. delegation to the 2018 Youth Olympic Games. This is because each country is limited to 75 athletes in individual sports in the Youth Olympic Games, and the… Read more

Clip of the Day

Outbreak Europe x Legits Blast Festical official highlight clip

Check out the AMAZING experience that was Outbreak Europe X Legits Blast Festival. If you(like me, Mex) missed out, make sure to mark down July 26th – 29th 2018 on your calendar. SEE YOU NEXT YEAR SLOVAKIA!! Outbreak Europe x Legits Blast Official recap:

Event Recaps

Rock Steady Crew 40th Anniversary | Red Bull BC One New York Cypher Recap

July 29th documented the last Rock Steady’s Crew Anniversary Jam in New York. What not better way to celebrate their 40th year and end it with a bang than by adding a Red Bull BC One Cypher, the third official USA qualifier for the northeast! Brought to you by Crazy Legs, Ynot and the members of Rock Steady, it was a weekend of announcements and celebration for the closing and opening of chapters for the… Read more


Words from the wise: Mex One on structure and jams

We need more structure. There are way too many “jams” in our community. While we are free to do as we want when we want. We should always think about the community before our own interest or even “good intentions”. It’s great to want to do things for our community but not at the communities expense. I am no one to dictate who should or shouldn’t throw jams, its a decision one must make for… Read more

Event Recaps

Moves and Kicks recap

This past weekend, the PTB found its way back in the Big Apple. The event? Moves and Kicks. M&K became the 23rd official stop of this years tour. The event was significant and lived up to its name because it dubbed as the official event for the release of the Puma Clydes. Puma Clyde’s are one of if not the most iconic sneaker in Breakin history. Little history: The name “Clyde” comes from the nickname… Read more

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