Bboy Life

A Bboy Golden Rule


I wanted to write a blog that few or no one in our community would think about writing. There’s one unwritten rule, a rule so big that when broken, crews and families are ripped apart. The rule: DO NOT DATE YOUR CREW MEMBER’S EXGIRL. We all know the term “Bros Before Hoes”. Not to call the EXs “hoes” but the first part of the statement is what we want to focus on: “BROS BEFORE”. Crew… Read more


My Life – Daniel Zhu – Stance


Our good homie decided to film a short clip of what his life consist of.  Daniel and I have been friends now for 5 years and spent a lot of time together discussing the Breaking community and traveling from jam to jam. His first work for us was back in 09 for Outbreak 5 Hiphop festival. We then decided to fly him out to Outbreak 6/7/8 and Outbreak 10 Hiphop festival. Check out Daniels story here: Some of Daniel’s… Read more

Feature Event

The Bboy Spot Closing Its’ Doors, To Be Continued…


This blog has been a few months coming. More than a few already know but after this blog, everyone will. After a 5 year run, The Bboy Spot is closing it doors July 31st. Straight and to the point: WHY? Because our contract with the facility is coming to an end. We have a new dream, a bigger dream. Our dream is to BUY OUR OWN FACILITY. About 8-9 months ago, we planned to renew… Read more


Red Bull BC ONE Orlando Cypher Recap


To our surprise, Youtube channel NoAnchorTV created a quick recap of RED BULL BC ONE ORLANDO CYPHER X Freestyle Session Florida Qualifier. While the recap may be small it is great and highlights bboys Full Deck, Dang and TungFu, the eventual Champion. For the 2nd year in a row, this event did not disappoint. We will let the pictures and highlight clip speak for it self. Shout outs to NoAnchorTV for the quick recap, shout outs… Read more

Bboy Tech

Fundamentals Leading Up To Originality


Our good friend Daniel from Stance filmed a footwork tutorial with one of the illest of the ill, Bboy Keebz Masters of Mayhem, Mind180, The Squadron. We really wanted to share this video not only so the young bboys/bgirls can learn the steps but to talk about a deeper look as we breakdown the clip. With a current community trend about being original and different, a lot of younger bboys/bgirls have taken the “original” and… Read more


Thunder Soul: Kashmere Stage Band Documentary

Thunder Soul

Felix, Unique Styles Crew member and drummer of FUSIK introduced us to a sick documentary called THUNDER SOUL. We’ve all heard their songs, especially the one below, but I knew nothing about the band known as The Kashmere Stage Band. As the documentary went on, it truly shocked me to learn that it was a group of high school kids playing the music! All these years of listening to the song thinking it was men… Read more


Red Bull Wings To Walls Bboy Instagram Contest


Wings to Walls is a new Red Bull Orlando (@RedBullOrl) project that features the work of Orlando-based artist Andrew Spear (@SpearLife). In this edition of the contest, Red Bull will honor a local Orlando bboy by having his picture be the highlight of a 60 foot long wall in the heart of Orlando’s art district known as The Mills District.   The 4 selected Bboys are: Ynot (Backyard Funk) Keebz (Mind180) Tung Fu (MFKidz) Vicious… Read more


The Genius of Osgemeos


Two of the most famous street artists in the world happen to be twin brothers from Brazil known as Osgemeos or The Twins. Osgemeos are also first generation Brazilian bboys/writers and Hiphopers from the 80′s. The Twins art work can be seen across the world in huge buildings, bridges and canvases. Their work now sells in the tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. In Brazil, Osgemeos are so iconic they have been hired to paint Brazil’s… Read more

Bboy Life

BBS Quotes and Graphics For Ya!


If you follow The Spot on Instagram @TheBboySpot you are familiar with our motivational/inspiration and even controversial quotes/graphics. Incase you’ve missed out, here you go: Take them, re-post them on Facebook/IG, use them as wallpapers and hopefully get inspired by them.

Bboy Life

SPEN 1′s “Lace em up” Poster Print


I have always wanted to make a special release print dedicated to the people and the scene that’s made me who I am today. The Bboy scene has always been a huge part of my life. The people i’ve met from attending local jams to traveling out of the country are just incredible and for that I have dedicated this print. Originally a design used for my homie Bboy Tofu‘s jam in Melbourne, Australia “BeatStreat… Read more

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