Bboy Life

The Rocket Named Bboy Pocket


With this blog we wanted to go against our norm and recognize a kid that deserves the recognition and much more. Bboy Pocket from Korea’s Morning of Owl. Pocket burst into the scene 4-5 years ago as a little kid with fast power and no shoes. We all knocked him for not wearing shoes and disregarded him as just as a generic power mover but since then, he started wearing shoes and became all but “generic”. Pocket is somewhat of a super… Read more


Skill Brat Renegades Break and Destroy National Workshop Tour


Something HISTORIC is about to go take place tomorrow. For the 1st time in history, a national workshop tour is taking place. Bboys Kid David, Casper and Luigi embark on a 16 city tour that will take them from California to as far east as Louisiana. The fellas will be driving from city to city sharing their knowledge of the dance and culture. Every stop will be unique and every workshop will be exciting. The… Read more

Feature Event

Judging Format at Undisputed World Bboy Series Events


When we created the UNDISPUTED WORLD BBOY SERIES a big topic of conversation was what the judges format would be and how can we make something stand out that does not handicap the judges ability to judge the battle as a whole without taking away from their reputable background. We wanted something exciting that could enhance the battle yet keep it simple, functional and raw. It was decided to use the judges format from IBE’s… Read more

Bboy Life

Something for the Young Generation: Best You Can Be & Having Fun


The Bboy Spot was created to not only to provide a practice spot to bboys/bgirls to develop their skills but to challenge them to become the best they can be. At the Spot, you see it all, from the best of the best bboys/bgirls in the world to teens learning their 1st 6 step. Most of our “regulars” are young bboys in their late teens and early 20′s, that come day after day trying to develop their skill and this is where the blog… Read more


The Rise of a New ERA


This is a letter from the new generation addressed to those with us in our generation. This culture is a culture that has paved a way for us to follow and explore new dimensions in the art of bboying its self. We are privileged to have those before us that have set a bar to meet and hopefully surpass with new innovations to it, but still preserving the originality and quality it had when it… Read more

Community 1st

VALUES: Kapi’s Intervention on Spanish TV


We all know what happens with mass media. It’s been showing to the public a watered down, sugar-free, corny version of what we do for decades. And I don’t blame them. They do what they do because they don’t know better; they assume the spectator wants that. And in reality, there’s nothing further from the truth. If you teach or give lectures maybe you have experienced what I like to call the “epiphany moment”. It… Read more


The Forgotten Masters – European 90′s Bboy Scene


Late 80’s the markets and show business had sucked everything possible out of breaking from movies to tours all the way to commercials and products. Once the market’s interest shifted to the next “hip” thing, breaking scene felt it was left out and started to vanish. A lot of people thought breaking was dead. But there was one continent that stayed very true to the art of breaking and hip hop moving to another decade. A lot of people would say took it to another level. Europe.


Catching up with Tino Rock – Max Crew – Floor Gangz – Korea TBB


B-Boy Tino Rock was born in December 27th, 1984. He is considered one of the pioneers in Korea Breakin Scene. He has been dancing over 16 years now and currently live in Busan, Korea. He represents Max Crew, Floor Gangz World Wide, The Bronx Boys Rockin Crew Korea. First of all, thank you for accepting the interview. Please introduce yourself Tino! Alright. My name is Tino Rock and a person who is thankful for my… Read more


Breaking News: The Undisputed World Bboy Series


For years there has been meetings among the top promoters in the world to come together and create a partnership to do something bigger for the Breakin community across the world. Finally in 2012 talks about creating a “world series” of events made the partnership come to life. We are proud to announce UNDISPUTED world bboy series, 8 of the top events across the world will host a 1 vs 1 Bboy/Bgirl competition resulting in 8 Champions. The 8 champions will… Read more

Clip of the Day

Inspirational battle: Bboy Lazy Legs vs Bboy Hourth


This one is an oldie but a goodie. At times, we all makes excuses on why we “can’t”, not realizing it’s more like we don’t want to. Theres been times that bboys might be consider too old or too out of shape, injured, too tall or short for Breakin. We let the opinions of others stop us from achieving things or taking a challenge. This video is proof that if you want it, GO GET IT. Lazy Legs… Read more

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