Peace to Outbreak Hiphop Festival 10-Year Anniversary

It’s been a while since we posted a blog.  We’ve been so caught up with traveling and of course, Outbreak Hiphop Festival. We set out to create a jam that no one would forget and from the looks of it, we have achieved that goal. Our official blog, official video and recap of the event is soon to come. Outbreak means so much to so many but for now, we would like to leave you with a very special video by our brother Rox Rite on what OUTBREAK HIPHOP FESTIVAL MEANS TO HIM.

For years, Outbreak has been a staple for the best of the best to fly out and represent. The 2 vs 2 competition is considered the most prestigious 2vs2 battle worldwide. Rox Rite is a 2-time winner. Rox was also featured along with Focus in the only 12-round battle expo in history—a legendary battle that will be talked about for generations to come. We can say so much more but instead we leave you with what Rox Rite has to say:

Rox Rite vs Focus at Outbreak 5 Hiphop Festival

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