Puma Suede’s X Kylie Jenner Advertisements

I came across these images of Kylie Jenner rocking Puma Suede’s and dressed up in classic Hiphop fashion. I didn’t know what to think of it. One one side it’s saying “mad wack” one the other side it’s saying “who cares….”. Is it wack? Should bboys/bgirls who hold their kicks in such high regards be upset by this? I mean, Kylie Jenner? We all know she has nothing to do with Hiphop… or we shouldn’t care. And it’s not like Puma is not a community brand; their alliance is not to a culture. They are a for profit company looking to give life to a classic shoe by hiring one of the most famous social media personalities out there today.

For myself (Mex) I’m a bit upset about seeing Kylie dressed up in the classic attire because lets be honest, she would never really rock that style. But at the same time, its nothing more than a gig. If it was an unknown hot girl, I would probably be saying “dope”, “fresh” but I guess because she is who she is and comes from the family she comes from, it gives the promo a different feeling. Another side of me is more like “I wonder if she has the selling power to make Puma Suede’s sky rocket in sales”. I’m sure Puma invested a good chunk of money on her.

I no longer really rock Puma’s and don’t see myself doing so any time soon. Hopefully the classic bboy/bgirl look doesn’t become a trendy style among individuals who know Kylie Jenner and nothing about Hiphop Culture.

Ps. I also found this image below about someone who didn’t hold back on how they felt about Puma using Jenner as their model:

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