R.I.P. Crisis – Masters Of Mayhem

We woke up to some heart breaking news yesterday. A friend, a brother, Crisis from Masters of Mayhem passed away. For those that don’t know who Crisis is, he is a Texas legend, Texas Royalty. A true innovator of many moves done today. Crisis and I (Mex) go way back. We 1st met at Bboy City 5 in 2002. There I saw young kid who was innovating a style that would help change the Texas and world breaking scene forever. He spent many days, weeks, months in Florida chilling with myself and my crew (Unique Styles). Our crews had a very memorable Bboy City 7 Final in 2003. Throughout the years I would always run into Crisis at jams. Always with a smile, always with good vibes. My trips to Texas wont be the same brotha.

Crisis Masters of Mayhem highlight clip:

A few words from others in the community.

Crew member Milky – Masters of Mayhem:

Nothing but REAL vibes from this brother here…. he was always front line in our mayhem battles & or my beefs as I held front line for him. He always had the “don’t matter who or where” mentality & would always battle hard AF & not fold under pressure. He’s also one of my most loyal brothers/crew members/friends outside of the scene/circle… he has fought for me & by my side when my patients was obviously being aggressively tested and physically attacked which I have to say some of my other “crew” “brothers” “friends” have come up short & just stood sideline or behind a car or played it 2 face safe for themselves. I valued this brother right here very highly. Felt he deserved the world but he felt the need to be more of a family man & give his family the best of him. Truly to good of a person to go… I can name a decent list of ppl that should have been dealt these circumstance or just take note. Even myself… if I could, I would take his place. Thank you brother for being a REAL ONE. #MayhemPorVida #BBoyCrisis #MoreTHANaBROTHER #Ablessing #MastersOFmayhem

Crew member Keebz – Masters of Mayhem:

Rest In Peace brother 💔 I can’t believe this, can’t believe you’re gone and the things I’m hearing. I love you brother I’ll always will 😔 You changed the game and I’ll make sure people know where they got their moves from my Legend. Im broken and gunna miss you so much. Sorry we lost touch these past years wish we could’ve hung out more how we use to. I love you man 😔 Masters of Mayhem Por Vida

that can, Crisis family has set up a GoFundMe to help with his funeral expenses.
Please check out the link here: https://www.gofundme.com/in-memory-of-chris-reyes

My deepest condolences to his family and friend. Crisis brotha, may you REST IN PEACE!!

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  2. Collins Ongaya says:

    what did he pass away from?

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