Rhythm Spotlight 14 Recap

Last Saturday Jan. 28th. the 1st official stop(in the USA) of the Pro Breaking Tour for 2017 took place in State College Park Pennsylvania. R.A.M. Squad (Penn State University Breaking/Hiphop Club) held its annual Rhythm Spotlight competition. Crews from all over the north east came out to show their support and start out the year right. Top crews such as Street Masters, Beat Whakz, Titanz, Illusives and others were looking to represent to the fullest and get that 1st PBT W in 2017.

Rhythm Spotlight(satellite event) was a 2 vs 2 breaking competition with $1,200.00 given out in prizes. Prize distribution looked a little something like this:

– Winners: $600.00
– 2nd place:300.00
– Semifinalist: $150.00

The event featured some pretty official judges. R.A.M. Squad flew out none other than Nasty Ray(Squadron) who along with Napalm and Metal held the responsibilities of selecting the best
of the best for the night. Check out the judges showcase:

Lets take you directly to the TOP 16

Top 16
All in one vs Street Masters = Street Masters
Titanz vs Beat Whakz = Beat Whakz
The faction vs Illusive Smoke = Illusive Obsession
7 session vs Floor Obsession = 7 Session
Retro flow vs Amazon Kin = Retro Flow
Key Grips vs Straight Outta Jersey = Straight Outta Jersey (Mikey/Rock Lobzter)
Axel/Don Lov Vs KRS = Axel/Don
Minsane vs ETS = ETS (Mach5/Marz)

Top 8
Beat Whakz Vs Street Masters = Street Masters
Illusive Smoke Vs Retro Flow = Retro Flow
7 Session Vs Straight Outta Jersey = Straight Outta Jersey (Mikey/Rock Lobzter)
Axel/Don Lov Vs ETS = ETS (Mach5/Marz)

Retro Flow Vs Street Masters (Elmo/Pop)
Straight Outta Jersey Vs ETS (Mach5/Marz)

For the finals, lets check out the actual battle:
Retro Flow Vs Straight Outta Jersey (Mikey/Rock Lobzter)

Congrats to Retro Flow (Valme/Supa Josh) The 1st official winners in the 2017 PBT!!

For ALL battles:
Check out Bboy Network on YouTube who was present covering the event HERE

Shout outs to the Penn State’s R.A.M. Squad! Its always great to see top universities across the USA organizing competitions.

Next up on the PBT schedule: Head Bangerz Bboy Brawl
Follow the 2017 PRO BREAKING TOUR at: www.udeftour.org/full-schedule

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