Should Ayumi become the 1st Bgirl to represent the Red Bull BC One ALL Stars??

History was made 2 weeks ago when it was announced that Ayumi-Body Carnival from Japan would become the 1st ever bgirl to represent at a Red Bull BC One World Finals competition (Nov. 4th in Amsterdam, Holland). It has taken 14 years for this to happen. The scene has changed drastically since then. We’ve evolved in many different ways, and the bgirls have done so as well. There was a time when bboys and bgirls would question if a girl could do air-flairs, if bgirls could win top competitions vs bboys,
and if bgirls deserved their own BC One type competition…

The last few years have answered these questions. Bgirls are flying now, and Bgirls like Ayumi, Narumi, AT among others are taking out bboys left and right. And now with Ayumi getting a direct invite to the BC One World Finals, she has proven that bgirls don’t need their own (competitions), they just need to earn their own.

When Ayumi’s participation was announced, Jeskilz (being Jeskilz) pushed the topic a bit further with her comment:

Soon after Daniel (Stance) extended upon her words:

Ayumi at Outbreak Europe:

And now it is our turn to advocate for her…
Ayumi should get strong consideration in becoming the 1st ever Red Bull BC One All Star Bgirl because she is a proven professional. She’s respected and admired by all (She is awesome. I remember when she came to FL and practiced with me for 3 days…), has extensive knowledge and history of Japanese breaking culture, travels the break world more often than most, lives and devotes to the break life and is a proven competitor that’s not afraid to hold her own and lay it all on the line. She also recently became the 1st ever bgirl to win the toughest 2 vs 2 competition in the world when her and Thesis won Outbreak Europe (Came close by reaching the semi finals back in 2013 at Outbreak 10 Year Ann.) on top of winning every top level bgirl competition in the world.

Ayumi is a perfect bgirl ambassador for the type of projects Red Bull BC One All Stars embark on. The break scene has grown extensively. More and more bgirls are coming up. More and more bgirls need someone to look up to and Ayumi is that bgirl. I know it takes more than a few comments or a blog for this to happen and maybe it’s not yet the time, but maybe what Ayumi has done will trailblaze for another bgirl to become THE ONE. Creating awareness and speaking about it is a great way to start.

One time to Ayumi on her invitation! I would also like to send a special shout out to Narumi. Narumi trailblazed a path for her sister and many others across the world. Ayumi’s invitation is in many ways a testament to her own hard work and dedication.

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  1. Metalix says:

    Totally with!! She would be the best to represent all the b-girls out there, and give hope to the young ones.

  2. Justin Bennitt says:

    Ayumi was even sharper in the 7 to smoke in Breakin The Law 11 back in 2014.

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