SPEN 1’s “Lace em up” Poster Print

I have always wanted to make a special release print dedicated to the people and the scene that’s made me who I am today. The Bboy scene has always been a huge part of my life. The people i’ve met from attending local jams to traveling out of the country are just incredible and for that I have dedicated this print.

Originally a design used for my homie Bboy Tofu‘s jam in Melbourne, Australia “BeatStreat Breakdown” it was later highly requested as a stand alone project. Many people reached out to me asking if I could either sell them a poster of the jam (of which i don’t even own a copy) OR send them a print.
In order to keep the 2 designs unique, i’ve added some design tweeks to the print that will be fore sale. The windbreakers different and some detail was added to the character to make him stand out more. I kept the colors the same though, as a shout out to Tofu himself for the inspiration to create this character in the first place. Every print will be signed,numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity. 55 will exist with ONLY 50 available for sale. The last print I had for sale “Troopah” sold out in a mere couple of days, so if you really want to snatch this one up, now would be a good time!

Thank you to everyone who’s ever shown me love and to those that pick up a copy, hope you enjoy!

Oh!…and don’t forget to follow me on instagram: Spendejo


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