Bgirl Showcase at Battle of the Year 1997

Its International Woman’s Day. We would like to honor the woman in our community, the bgirls. This footage is 20 years old yet its still GOLD.

So I decided I was going to write about my 1st video ever, BATTLE OF THE YEAR 1997. BOTY as many now call it, is the longest running bboy event in the world. BOTY 97 means so much to me because it introduced me to a new world. One of the things I won’t even forget will be the bgirl throwdown segment. It may have been only 2 minutes long but to me it set the standards in what a Bgirl is—Straight Raw. Girls today just don’t cut it… Of course, they are more skillful but the essence is just not there. The look and attitude is not there. Then again, the same can be said about the bboys. All in all, the throw downs are just dope and it’s great to see a major jam like BOTY put them on for the world to see.

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  1. bboybiscuits says:

    raw as hell. sick

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