Taking it back to 2012. Most of what Mex states still holds 100% truth. Out plans of expanding The Bboy Spot center
have gone from renting to hopefully one day owning our own facility. Shout outs to Strife TV for hosting this interview.

Interview below.

Strife TV recently started hosting weekly Q&A chat sessions on their Facebook page, which gives fans of their page the opportunity to submit questions to various figures in the bboy community. Since the Q&A chat sessions started, they’ve featured Cros One, Dyzee, DJ Lean Rock, DJ Timber, and our very own Mex One. There were many questions asked, but here are some of the questions Mex was able to answer in the time frame given (unedited to keep it raw….and unedited because you guys are too crazy with the spelling!) . Thank you to everyone who submitted questions, and thanks to Strife for hosting the Q&A!


David MexOne Alvarado Sup everyone…… let the questions begin…
Joseph Dyno Rock Corrales How would you run an event that includes all four elements?
David MexOne Alvarado Its actually kind of simple, Ive always been into the culture and not just one element, i grew up with Writers, DJ’s and MC’s being friends of mine and like me, they got better at their craft. Now they help out and run certain portions of the event… Spen and Ifuk help with graff, My boy Mad Illz owner of Grindtime helped with MC battles and so on……….
Frank Huey Fiasco Ramirez How would you define the role you’ve chosen to embrace in our hip-hop community?
David MexOne Alvarado I dont really have a “role” no one has a role we all just do the best we can. The best AND WORST thing about our community and culture is that we are all free to do what we want.
Atomic Goofball HEY MEX!!! thanks for being here for us! BBoy spot if a very successful franchise in my opinion, but i love how you keep it real and stay with your roots, did you find it hard to stick with your passion? What drove u to success?
David MexOne Alvarado  yes and no, yes because ITS REAL WORK. More than a 9-5. No because its my passion and I am really good at it. Its all about thinking and decision making. Lets just say Ive been blessed to thinking ahead in many ways.
Gee Whizz Hot does it feel to be The Biggest n Baddest MEXicano in the scene!!!!
David MexOne Alvarado Chill! hahaha that title goes to El general Rox Rite hahaha. Im just a kid from Mexico and Pacoima 818 doing what i do hermano…..
BreakBoy Wicket When are we going to see a rematch bboy battle between yourself (mex) vs Cros one???
David MexOne Alvarado  Brotha! man….. IDK…. Ive been training but Cros is my hermano….. we battle together now. hahaha
Michael Huang What were the key steps to opening up a space in your community (i.e. the bboy spot)?
David MexOne Alvarado  The key is longevity in the scene, not anyone can do it, anyone ca try but it takes a lot of years of work in our community to get the respect needed so others support. If they dont trust you, they wont support you.
Joseph Dyno Rock Corrales What was the biggest problem you have faced when organizing an event?
David MexOne Alvarado Honestly? not to sounds arrogant but the answer is none. Im to the point that I can throw a jam in a day. I think events coordinating is just something I’m good at. I often joke around i can put together a wedding if I needed to….I WOULDNT. haha
Kenneth Evl Eady Mex I miss you posting your opinions on the scene, on your fb. I think you should bring it back in 2013! js…
David MexOne Alvarado  word up homie, maybe I will, I stopped because at the end of the day, I am not the community police ya know. Now I focus on doing the best I can.
Wesley Hong i heard your not a big fan of the O.U.R. system by dyzee….wat about it do u disagree the most???
David MexOne Alvarado  honestly? Its too much to write, Lets just say that’s HIS system of THEIR system but to say OURS as a whole community? IDK…….
Vic Monsta Has being Latino effected you’re efforts at all?
David MexOne Alvarado Being Latino and above that being a WET BACK MEXICAN for many years in the USA only fueled a fire…….
Jonathan ‘Minhzy’ Truong Mex, why is it when you shave you look 22, but when you grow your beard you look 32?
David MexOne Alvarado  funny guy but i got it like that! hahaha peace brotha
Kee Vang what did you dress as for halloween?
David MexOne Alvarado  sorry I do not celebrate Halloween so I was myself, haha.
Michael Threatt What made you want to start up The Bboy Spot?, and might I say you’ve done splendid with it all (:
David MexOne Alvarado  I always told myself one day I would have a spot that put bboys 1st. No more dance studios to get kicked out of or racket ball courts to break into.
Jonathan ‘Minhzy’ Truong On a serious tip Mex, I have a lot of respect for you bro! What advice would you give to prospective b-boys wants to open up their own business like you?
David MexOne Alvarado  My main advice to everyone is MAKE SURE YOU WILL BE IN THIS COMMUNITY FOR A VERY LONG TIME and get ready to sacrifice. sad to say but its business and bills will need to get paid.
Lance Lwin Hey MexOne, I know you see a lot of BBOYs on a daily basis, and I wanted to know what do you think I can do to motivate myself to be a better BBOY? I have a lot of dry spells where I get burnt out, where can i find inspiration?
David MexOne Alvarado  Find inspiration in the culture man…. its not just about “dancing” the more you know about the culture the more you will want to get involve and fuel that fire.
Kyle Battle What advice would you give to someone who wants to build the scene in a town where there isn’t one ( I live in a very small town)
David MexOne Alvarado Kyle: #1 train really hard, dedicate and study. #2 travel to learn more and #3 apply your skill from the training and the knowledge you’ve gained from the travels. Small towns are perfect spots to recruit, why? kids dont have much to do
Chai Charles Chuencharoenwong MexOne What is the biggest struggle when putting together a Bboy Jam? Is the struggle the same as before back when you started Outbreak?
David MexOne Alvarado  Honestly, I no longer have many struggles. I am now blessed with a huge network of support but YES, It took years to get there. I was once homeless when I put together Outbreak 3 back in 06.
Jireh Soriano Hi Mex! I know your always busy but whenever I see you you always have time to say whats up and ask how we’re doing, It feels good going to your events and knowing how much time you put on everyone. -Peace
David MexOne Alvarado  sup hermano! I am the worst at calling people or answering calls but in person i rarely forget a face and I love jams because they are perfect to vibe and catch up with everyone. hope you’ve been good hermano!
Zous Yang Mex, who is the top all time head hunting bboy?(like the guy who has taken the.most heads)
-zous looney tunes
David MexOne Alvarado Zous: thats a hard one and honestly, who ever i say is probably not factual because EVERYONE will say this guy is or that guy is… Lets just say THE WORLD WILL NEVER KNOW. PS. KEN SWIFT IS THE GREATEST. ahahahaha
Strife.tv Mex, what makes Biggest & Baddest a successful clothing brand? There are many people trying to get into the hip hop / bboy clothing business, but are not as successful.
David MexOne Alvarado Spen Oner and I dedication to what we love along with the ultimate support of the community. We need brands like Biggest&Baddest because not only are they making $ from the community WE ARE GIVING IT BACK. How many other brands have a community center or sponsor jams across the world? Every time someone buys a “popular” brand from the mall or street wear, its like in the 90’s when TOMMY HILFIGER was making mad $ from Hiphop culture but giving nothing back……
Jaro Mara where do you see bboyspot in the future?
David MexOne Alvarado JARO: Its hard to say, I wanted to open mad Bboy Spots everywhere and still hope to, if the support is there we will do it. Its all about how the community is the future. If the community grows, we go.
Rep The Midwest Would you be interested in getting behind bboy community movements like Rep The Midwest? How would that work?
David MexOne Alvarado This is something I would be willing to listen to and see what you guys represent. One thing I want to tell everyone is to Make sure they know what they support. Not all jams are good jams, not all promoters are good promoters. the great thing and BAD thing about our community as I stated is ANYONE CAN TRY AND DO ANYTHING.
David MexOne Alvarado The main reason why I do not agree with some of the systems that people want to implement on the community is because they teach us to FOLLOW. I feel that bboys need to be educated and learn. One thing to remember is, just because you have a voice does it mean you have something to say. you have to listen and learn. It takes years. Many that break are not even bboys and wont be here next year. In the last 12-13 years I’ve been around I’ve seen it all. Everyone had the “idea” that would change our community for ever. Education and creating a self sustaining community is the key.
Strife.tv Mex, can you give us a “Bboy Bucket List” of things you think a dancer must experience, or do, in his lifetime?
David MexOne Alvarado Strife.tv #1 EXPERIANCE NEW YORK! You must go to New York in the summer, go to the summer jams, ride the subways train go to the bronx, Crotona Park and what not. Its the Mecca of our culture. #2 Travel state to state or country to country networking and growing. You will built friendships that will last a lifetime. #3 you must rock concrete cyphers…. you have to, its a must. #4 You must call out someone you have major beef with, beef is good, its fun. #5you must shake as make pioneers hands and show your respect. hahaha
Jaro Mara what projects have u been working on lately?
David MexOne Alvarado  end of the year usually consist of Outbreak but that was moved to EU for the year so its been chill. traveling a lot and actually enjoying the jams I’ve attended. I am already working on 2013 projects like Culture Shock Bboy week, Freestyle Session USA finals in Florida and my last jam ever Outbreak. On other levels we are setting up fund raisers and other local events here in Florida.
Chris CrosOne Wright Mex One is it true that you do not sleep?
David MexOne Alvarado hahaha The world will never know. Naw jk! I do, all the time, its my chill time. haha
Luis A Macias Yo mex have you ever thought about opening up other bboy spot locations in the US?
David MexOne Alvarado  yea homie, in Minnesota and San Diego with your brother. Moving into the huge spot we are not was a bit more work than expected and delayed those plans….
Francisco Segura Mex I pay my respects to you ..a true pioneer in the fla ..but my question is if you could go back in time to an event involving breaking what would it be and why?
David MexOne Alvarado  If I could go back in time, I would go to ProAM 2000 it was an incredible experience but honestly I took the bad from it. For years I was lost in my breaking because how I saw Benji(a “blow up” guy in those days) was beating all these top bboys. I wish I was inspired by the rawness and not the hype. I was a kid then.
Yi Sheng Wang what does biggest and baddest mean, and what is its message?
David MexOne Alvarado  Biggest & Baddest is a state of mind, to go all out, to be confident in yourself. I like to say the term STAY BADD meaning, stay on point, always sharp.
Kris ThaOperator Williams Hey Mex what do you think about Philly nd the Bboys nd Bgirls out there?
David MexOne Alvarado Kris: on the real, I’ve never attended a Philly jam. In 13 years in the scene I can’t recall any names of jams taken place there. When I think Philly I think north east. I’ve been to Philly, love the city.

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