This past Saturday July 16th, one of the most important crews to come out of the 90’s celebrated their 22 years of history in San Jose, California. Style Elements 22 year Ann. marked the 14th stop of 2016 for the Pro Breaking Tour and it was memorable one. Easily one of the best stops of the year as the tour keeps getting better and better!

#SEC22 (official hashtag of the event) featured a 3 vs 3 breakin competition for $3,600 1st place, $1,500 2nd place, $750.00 3rd place and $375.00 for 4th. That’s a total of $6,225.00 in cash distribution for the 4 finalist. While the cash prize was a great treat, it seemed like everyone came out for the celebration. DJ’s Quantum, Bles One and SEC’s own Bboy Crumbs gave the event great vibes from the get go.

With Style Elements being such a respected crew, it was a given that bboys from across the world would come out to support and represent. Bboys from countries such as Russia, Japan, Venezuela, Canada, Mexico, and more came out to be part of the festivities. With so much talent in the building, it was not going to be an easy task for the assigned judges. The 5 competition judges were: Naytron (Renegades) – Beta (Heartbreakerz) – Mike the Cure (Knuckleheads Cali) – House (Furious Styles) and last but not least Ben (Knucklehead Zoo). In total 70+ crews signed up for the battles. World class bboys means world class crews and #SEC22 had plenty of world class crews to choose from. Some of the most recognizable names were Full Force, Battle Born, Monster Bboys, Furious Styles, Knucklehead Zoo, Floorgangs, and Underground Flow just to name a few.

From 70+ to the TOP 16.

• Speedy Knuckles vs MF/BGSK = Speedy Knuckles wins
• Unique Concrete Renegades vs Full Force = Full Force wins
• Modd Squad vs Furious Styles = Modd Squad wins
• Renegades vs X – Floorgangz 2 = Renegades win
• Underground Flow vs USSR = Underground Flow wins
• Superfly vs Knucklehead Zoo = Superfly wins
• Grounded vs East Side Union = East Side Union wins
• Monster Team vs Battle Born = Monster Team wins

Thanks to Stance, all battles are available online!
All TOP 16 battles available HERE

The Top 16 brought us a few surprises with some heavy favorites being eliminated early.

• Speedy Knuckles vs Full Force = Full Force wins
• Modd Squad vs United Renegades = Modd Squad wins
• Underground Flow vs Superfly = Superfly wins
• East Side Union vs Monster Team = Monster Team wins

All TOP 8 battles available HERE


For the semi’s, lets check out the battles here!

Full Force vs Modd Squad

Superfly vs Monster Team


You know this battle had some bragging rights behind it… Red Bull BC One All Star Ronnie competing with his crew vs Monster Team!

Congratulations to Full Force on a great victory!

pic 7

Shout outs Style Elements on a great anniversary!

Next up on the Pro Breaking Tour: Tuner Evolution – Hit the Breaks. – Oaks PA. FB Event page HERE
Follow the PRO BREAKING TOUR at:

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