Super Funny: Breakdance Fail Compilation

Ok, so this one right here is PERFECT in every way. As you know, we hate the name “Breakdance” in reference to Breaking/Bboying but this clip truly is a “breakdance” clip. So many of these guys are truly out to hurt themselves. They are out to be stuntmen and not Bboys.

Lets break down a few clips that stand out.

Minute 1:06
Ok, these kids are not doing anything crazy. They are trying to head spin but damn… don’t do it so damn close to each other. A head collision like that can really lead to a major concussion. Not good.

Minute 1:58
Seriously, why? LOL…. what would you accomplish from that? Your boy probably lost a few teeth in the process and all that for a trick that wont even help you win a round.

Minute 2:16
This one is a “CLASSIC”. A few years ago I labeled this one AIR FLARE TO KO. You can tell the homie has skill but damn I wonder what the judges gave him on that round. Maybe an E for Effort?

Minute 2:38
Another Classic, this took place back in like 2002/2003. As you can see, this guy has major skill. To be doing that kind of power back then was pretty incredible and then bang! Straight to the floor. What they don’t show in this clip is the guy jumps back on stage and finishes the round… respect for that! Does anyone know who this bboy is or if he still breaks?

Minute 2:50 and 3:00
Same move, same result. The 1st clip took place at OUT FOR FAME 2002 I believe the bboy was Dookie something from DSD 1… To his defense, he went on to throw a ridiculous round in that battle with a crazy bloody mouth. Clip 2, I wonder if that guy ever woke up……hahahha.

Aight, that’s it. Hope you guys enjoyed the footage and I hope to never see any of our readers in one of these clips.

Ps. the music sucked!

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  • bboybiscuits

    for 2:38: I heard it was Moon from Drifterz

  • bboypatryk


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