I’ve been wanting to write about a major problem we have in the breaking community…


Why is it such a problem for bboys/bgirls to support the community with their $10, $15 or $20 admission? Seriously, why? Why do some people do the best they can to sneak there way in? Why do others try to lie about being on the “list” and the worst of them all…why do “celebrity” bboys think their presence is enough support? Lets break it down.

sneak-benner I once saw how a group of 20+ bboys (and friends) go to a jam, saw the color of parkerthe wristbands being used and then proceed to the nearest Party City to purchase a pack of the wristbands. With that they managed to get their entire group into the event. How wrong is that?!. I’ve seen how others try to sneak into the back of the venue, jump fences or even sneak into the bathroom before the event starts and stay there till the event doors open. Then we have those that tend to say “I’m with a vendor…”.

liar-bennerpin-pinPlenty of individuals lie about being on the guest list. When their name is not there they’ve been known to throw fits. They get loud, aggressive and try to intimidate the door person (typically a female) and crazy enough sometimes it works. Certain people don’t like to deal with the confrontation so they go ahead and let them in just to keep the line going and not have to be irritated. Then we have the ones that give a name on the guest list but its not them! they get to the door, say they are on the list and check the list with the door person only to say “that’s me right there!”, but know damn well it’s not!


celeb-bnannerwesttOh man, when the ego takes over and these individuals (who many times feel they are gods gift to breaking) do not pay no matter what! They think that just because they are famous their presence at the event makes it better and therefore not only should they not pay, they should have an unlimited guest list + probably get a little money on the side. It does not get any worst than celebrity breakers with an ego. I totally understand the principle of not charging a world class breaker, but they should also be humble and respectful about it. When the respect is mutual it’s a great feeling. I also want to point out that some famous breakers ALWAYS offer to pay at the door. These are the individuals that in my eyes, should never have to pay.

Up and coming promoters, take notes:
Keep your guest list short. Be aware of the sneaky ones and the liars. Don’t let the celebrity bboys bully you into free admission. If possible don’t even use standard wristbands. Customize them and try not to let anyone into the venue before the doors open. Do a walk through before opening doors and Keep your eyes open.

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